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Idol groups changing image to mature 1/29

Source from Udn.com

Idol groups eventually grown from their youngster image, S.H.E change from girls to queens, Fahrenheit change from fashion guys to sexy guys, cheeky Lollipop has changed from boys to men group after the members reunite.

Growth is not a matter of age of the members, rather than the time length from debut. For example, Lollipop F which was called Bang Bang Tang previous, the average age of the members is 25, counted as reaching the end of their youth. Their company weighted them after debuting for 5 years they should grow up. Therefore their next new album will increase more manliness.

Growth is usually controlled by the looks, when taking photos not being playful, making a faces or jumping up, lighting not that sunshine and bright anymore.

For example Lollipop F, Gold Typhoon has trained them to have killer eyes. When taking magazine photos to put more feel, posing cannot give off a youngster feel.

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