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0202 Lollipop F shares their Chinese New Year traditions

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In 2011, Lollipop F had managed to attain good results, indicating a good start to the New Year. Together with their junior, Derrick, they had imitated some of the Chinese traditions where they had to offer tea to the elderly, who is AoQuan in this case.

Every household have their different Chinese New Year traditions, and HongKong’s tradition is very different from that of Taiwan’s. AoQuan, XiaoYu, WeiLian, AhWei and Derrick thus shared their own household traditions.

WeiLian expressed that on Chinese New Year Eve, his family would definitely sit together for a reunion dinner. However, they must not finish the food, and must have some leftovers. After that they would all keep awake until 12 midnight to welcome the new year. After eating their reunion dinner, they would then be not allowed to wash their clothes or dispose rubbish.

Derrick’s family would “Lao Yu Sheng” for their dinner. This is done by preparing a plate of sashimi, carrots and peanuts, and before they start, everyone must shout out some prosperous words and use their chopsticks to “bring up” the dish. After that, all of them would have to change into their new clothes.

AhWei has already prepared 30000 HKD worth of red packets, as the tradition in Taiwan is that as long as you have started working you’d have to give out red packets. His whole family would also get together to play MahJong or poker cards. However during the Chinese New Year period they are not allowed to sweep the floor or cut their nails.

XiaoYu’s family would also get together to play some card games or Mahjong, but before they play they must sign an agreement that the other party would not lose. After their reunion dinner, they would also get together to pray and sing “Let love be in my home everyday” to welcome the new year.

AoQuan expressed that they cannot win money from the elderly, if not they would not have good health. On the first day of Chinese New Year, the whole family would go to the temple to pray for prosperity and hope that the New Year would be smooth-sailing.

The 5 boys were excited talking about their own traditions, and also expressed interest in HongKong’s traditions. They found out that in HongKong, people would prepare some snacks and offer tea to the elderly. Immediately they took up some of the sweets at the side and made tea for AoQuan, and AoQuan played along and gave out red packets to his group mates.

In the New Year, AoQuan wishes that the two movies he acted in would do well in the box office. XiaoYu also hopes that his new hair salon, WanMei hair, would have a good start since it is his first investment. AhWei wishes that in this new year, they would be able to hold concerts, and that everything would go smoothly. WeiLian said his wish is very smiple, which is to have more work and save more money. As for Derrick who had just released his album, he wished for more chances to perform.

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  1. ShowLuo
    February 2, 2011 at 7:43 am

    hope their wishes will come true! happy chinese new year!

  2. Jen H
    February 2, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    My tradition for new year is basically the same as Weilian and Ahwei. 😀

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