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0302 KangXiLaiLe

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This episode is actually for Show Luo, but the boys appeared as well. WeiLian even did a dance for Show! (: It’s the first time WeiLian’s doing a solo dance without his other 3 teammates. In the first part WeiLian even went to help Show put on his jacket. He’s so nice! (: WeiLian said that they became quite close because when they were guests for Show’s HongKong concert (yes their last performance as 6), and Show invited them to his room to talk about things because they were feeling quite down. It’s really nice to hear that Lollipop F has such a nice senior! 😀 I think Show had helped them a lot along the way (: AoQuan even went to Show’s Luo alone late at night to talk about things. Lollipop F looks really good wearing their own clothes thoughh.

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  1. Lzx
    March 4, 2011 at 2:51 am

    Show is so nice X) and they re so funny! My fav singer and band tgthr!

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