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0306 Lollipop F at CETV’s event

taken from 21.cn

As the hosts of KKBox YinYueHuLian, the four members of Lollipop F were invited to perform on stage. However in the midst of their performance, something unexpected happened: AhWei’s zip “exploded”, revealing his white underwear. According to a reporter who has been following them all the while, AhWei’s pants have been falling after they went on stage. After the event, AhWei expressed that this is the first time in 4 years, and it definitely is not to get onto headlines. “When I realised it, I wanted to cover it but it just couldn’t be covered.” AoQuan revealed that fans had once gave him underwear. The 4 would usually take note that their inside and outside matches, and so if fans are thinking of giving them underwear, they can consider buying those that are white. “This way, even if it’s caught on camera it looks better.”

Recently, WeiBo has become an important part of the life of many artistes, and it’s the same for Lollipop F. They have just taken on the role of guests at Show’s concert, and XiaoYu already posted a picture of AoQuan looking into a mirror with hair clips on his hair, looking quite girly. This caused AoQuan to be unhappy and XiaoYu said that he was afraid AoQuan would take revenge.

When asked what tricks there are to hosting, Lollipop F expressed that when they interview artistes, it doesn’t have to be too fanciful, as long as they can bring out the inner meaning of the music. When it comes to themselves however they would be more free, and play some tricks to show the happy side of them. According to sources, Lollipop F would be going into campus to have a series of mini concerts.

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  1. lollipop
    March 8, 2011 at 1:58 am

    lol the pic is so cuute XD can’t wait for their concerts

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