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0415 JingQi4ChaoNan starts recording, A-mei teaches Lollipop F how to become superstars

taken from GTV

Lollipop F had their first recording of their new show under GTV on the 14th of April. The first guest was their senior Zhang Hui Mei. In front of A-mei, the four boys appeared scared and shy. When asked if they dared to ask A-mei about her love life, WeiLian laughed and replied “I’d have to see if I can get past my internal barrier, and see how much weight I have in the company.” When the recording formally started, WeiLian acted as a reporter and asked A-mei about her love life, and even showed no mercy. He even brought up the issue about a shotgun marriage!

GTV’s new show “Jing Qi 4 Chao Nan” will allow Lollipop F to experience the difficulties of different roles in the showbiz, as if they entered a research lab for the showbiz. A-mei also specially gave them their student cards, to celebrate the official start of the programme. Other than experiencing the different roles, they would also have segments, “Chao Nan Zhou Ji”, which is filmed and edited by the boys themselves. When asked about Lollipop F’s hosting abilities, A-mei praised them saying that the four of them were not bad and their expressions are quite natural. AoQuan immediately responded “We did not undergo plastic surgery!” A-mei then said “I’m referring to your hosting skills! The four of them have very good chemistry as well.”

Lollipop F said that every time they meet A-mei, they would hug. It’s actually because when they first met, they were mesmerized by the smell of her perfume. AoQuan said “Mei-jie’s perfume is so sweet smelling!” A-mei said “That’s why they have a habit of coming near me to smell.”

Before the recording, the four boys seemed really calm. However during the actual recording, A-mei’s superstar aura still made the four quite nervous. They NG-ed a few times with the opening.  AoQuan even told A-mei “Ha! We’re almost done.” To teach the boys how to become superstars, A-mei started with how to sing. WeiLian and AhWei kept going off tune, allowing A-mei to have a good laugh. She revealed that during her performance, there’s a greater chance of her forgetting the lyrics of what she is singing instead of going off tune.

To become superstars, it’s also important to have a high EQ when facing reporters. Lollipop F and A-mei played out a scene where they faced reporters, and AhWei acted as A-mei’s manager.

JingQi4ChaoNan will have its first broadcast on 1st May, 7pm at GTV. It’ll be shown every Sunday.

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  1. Lainex2
    April 16, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    HAHA waiting waiting for sg episode to come out. Can’t wait ❤

  2. WZ
    April 17, 2011 at 3:13 am

    aiyeeee, i’m sooo excited~

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