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2011 Taipei Travel Fair, Lollipop F appears in pilot suit

taken from gold-typhoon

As the ambassadors for Jeju Island, Lollipop F had previously released their travel book, “Lollipop F XiYouJi”. They appeared at the Taipei travel fair in pilot suits, and they interacted with fans. They also gave out the stone figures they brought back from Jeju to the fans.

When asked about their recent activities, AoQuan said that other than expanding to the movie sector, he was also invited to be the lead in Cyndi’s new MV. Although the other 3 thought it was unfair, they felt that the chemistry between Cyndi and AoQuan was very good. XiaoYu’s hair salon is also doing quite well, but it recently got broken into, and he hopes everyone can help to catch the thief. The four have also started hosting a new programme, and they are also preparing for their new album. They also shared about their recent activities and life.

Because of the prediction that there would be a major earthquake on 11th May, AoQuan had phoned his mother the night before. He told her “Ma~ Please! Can you not stay in the office tomorrow, we must live together!” Initially his mum kept laughing at him, but she could not resist his pleas and finally agreed. AoQuan also phoned the other 3 boys, but was laughed at by them. AhWei said “What’s there to be afraid of!” AoQuan replied him saying “This is “Respecting Life”!”

On 11th May, AoQuan woke up at 9am and drove to a park near his house. He chose that spot to “avoid the calamity”. He waited there till the time is over and found out that nothing happened! AoQuan said “I suddenly thought that the world is still so beautiful. I feel so conflicted. On one hand I’m so happy nothing happened, but on the other, I feel cheated…, then I quietly went home to watch the news, and thought that I was really funny!”

AhWei had previously known a HongKong movie star Louis Fan. This time, Louis came to Taiwan for the promotion of his new movie, and AhWei took on the role to accompany him and bring him around. AhWei said “I wanted to bring him to go eat steamboat but he didn’t want. I jokingly said that I’d bring him to the night markets, and his eyes immediately shone!” In the end, AhWei brought Louis to Shihlin night market and had a lot of the famous localties there. AhWei also brought him to RaoHe night market and they had a foot massage there. AhWei said “usually if I meet fans on the streets they would be really enthusiastic, but on that day I have no idea why but they didn’t dare to get near me!” Louis also shared his experience as a fighter with AhWei and told him to take care of his body.

WeiLian said that after Blackie and FanFan’s wedding, he happened to meet golfer Zeng YaNi. WeiLian said “Because I was from a sports school, I feel especially connected to other sportsman. That day ZengYaNi was in heels, she was really cute!”

XiaoYu on the other hand was still upset about the theft in his shop, although the losses weren’t a lot. XiaoYu said that the police has already taken samples of the fingerprints, and the CCTV managed to capture a man who is about 40-50 years old. Netizens has also helped me to search for him, and I hope he’d be found soon. I’ve also told my staff to always take care of the counter, other wise the metal grill would have to be put down!”

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  1. 6ang
    May 16, 2011 at 2:56 am

    they’re really busy nowadays, glad to know that they’re getting better and better 🙂

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