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0603 AhWei’s car used to drive Lollipop around

taken from nextmedia

AhWei has a 6-year old Nissan X-Trail, which was used to drive Lollipop around when there was still 6 members. AhWei especially likes that the car has a window on top, and he would imagine watching the stars with his girlfriend from inside the car. However, because that window hasn’t been used for more than 1 year, he had trouble opening it.

When AhWei was 17, his father started teaching him how to drive. The day after he reached 18, he went to get his license and when he was 19, he spent more than NTD 100000 buying a second hand car, and another NTD 100000 on modifying it. He met with an accident soon after and the car was spoiled, but it was lucky that he was alright. The car he has now was originally his parents. 

AhWei is the first in Lollipop to have a car. Previously when they were filming Black Sugar Machiatto, he was their chauffeur. The 6 of them were unable to fit into the car, and some of them would have to sit in the back seat which was meant for putting luggages. AhWei knows that this was illegal and he said “this is a bad example, you shouldn’t imitate it. That time we did that because we wanted to save on money and trouble.”

There was once when they were all tired from filming, but he still had to drive while the other 5 were already sleeping soundly. He stopped at a red light and thought he could rest a while, but he fell asleep, causing a traffic jam. AhWei says that he has the best driving skills in Lollipop F. “My skills can get me 100 marks, AhWei must be careful with details, XiaoYu is not careful enough, AoQuan is too obsessed with details.” However AoQuan rebutted saying, “This is because I put safety as my priority, and I don’t drive as dangerously as AhWei!”

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AhWei posted on Weibo a reply to this:

LOLLIPOP_F阿緯:天窗修好了,有誰想坐我的車? 謝謝威國際轉發!

Lollipop_FAhWei: The window is repaired already, does anyone want to take my car? :p Thank you William International FC for posting!

  1. 6ang
    June 5, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    must have brought back so much memories 🙂

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