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0611 ZhangYunJing has confidence in XiaoYu releasing a solo album

taken from yam.com

The 2011 GMX Golden Music Exposition had started from June 10th, and the performers included LiangWenYin, MOJO, LangHuaXiongDi+YuanYongLin, and ZhangYunJing+XiaoYu.

When ZhangYunJing and XiaoYu appeared, they immediately received cheers from fans and the atmosphere was very high. Both of them have a great interest in rock music and displayed good chemistry. ZhangYunJing expressed that she was really happy to be able to perform in a band again, and they both thought that the performance time was too short. They wished that the GMX would be able to attract more people who love music. XiaoYu laughed saying that although he didn’t receive the Golden Melody Awards, to be able to have some sort of connection with it was not too bad as well.

XiaoYu’s dressing was different from what he would usually wear during Lollipop F activities. He dressed casually with a white T-shirt and bermudas. He said that initially they had arranged for him to wear some of the Lollipop F attire, but he felt that it might not be suitable especially since they were singing rock on that day. The tight-fitting clothes would also disallow him from singing with too much force.

Does the performance imply that he would go solo? XiaoYu expressed that all four members of Lollipop F have the things they want to do individually. AoQuan and AhWei are both filming movies, and WeiLian has just started filming an idol drama. ZhangYunJing added on that XiaoYu had his own thoughts on music, and one day he could have a chance to release his own rock album.

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  1. Lily
    June 15, 2011 at 8:37 am

    *sigh* I’m tired of hearing these going solo stories. It’s really sad, especially what happened with JPM. And when you remember it, it’s still quite sad. 😦 I hope lollipop f won’t disband anymore though, but somehow i feel xiao yu wants his own singing path, though no matter what happens, i will still support them and wish the best for them. Every member of lollipop whether past or current, jia you!

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