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0809 Lollipop F, Zhang YunJing receives awards in HongKong


taken from udn 

On the eve of Fathers’ day, Lollipop F and ZhangYunJing went to HongKong to participate in an award ceremony. They thus had no choice but to celebrate Fathers’ day some other time. Only WeiLian, whose father has passed on, said “I’ll try my best not to think that it’s Fathers’ day.”

According to Gold Typhoon, Lollipop F brought in close to ten million in the first half of the year, with a total of 10 events, 3 movies, 2 advertisements and 2 variety programmes.  Because of their events in Hong Kong, they missed the chance of being able to celebrate Fathers’ day over the weekend. They had to wait till the following week before having time to spend with their fathers, because of their busy schedule. WeiLian, on the other hand, felt quite down. ZhangYunJing brought her father to have spicy hotpot, and then went to RaoHe Night market to have ice mango.

ZhangYunJing and Lollipop F also claimed many prizes at the Metro awards. ZhangYunJing won an award for her song HuaiLe, and another “Most Popular Idol” prize. Lollipop F won an award for SiDuKongJian, and also the “Most Popular Group” and “Asia Dancing/Singing Group”. Singaporean singer, Derrick Hoh, also won a newcomer award. This was his first time getting an award in Hong Kong, but because he was tired at work and had an outbreak, he refused to take a photo.




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