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0824 Lollipop F shares stage with SuperJunior

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Lollipop F will be making a trip to Seoul on the 27th, and would be guesting a variety programme alongside Super Junior. They would be having a PK with Super Junior and had been working hard for it. AoQuan said that even when they are sleeping they are dreaming about it.

In the first half of the year, Lollipop F has brought in close to 10million NTD for Gold Typhoon. The income had come from the hosting of 2 variety shows, 2 endorsements, 3 movies and 10 events around Asia. Other than preparing for their new album due in October, they were also invited to guest in Korea’s popular variety programme “Star King”. They would be sharing the stage with Super Junior for the 2nd time, and this time, they would be having a PK.

Previously, Lollipop F met SJ-M in Hong Kong during the Asia Music Festival. This time, their PK not only involves group performance, but also the performance of the individual members.

Specially for this, Lollipop F had made use of whatever spare time they had, amidst recording and other activities, to go through special training. In 2 weeks, they clocked up to about 100 hours of preparation time. AoQuan said, “every night, even when I’m sleeping I would dream about this.” XiaoYu also revealed that singing is also an important component to the PK other than dancing.

In addition, GongXinJi, the 4th title track from the album they released in November last year, has also been a popular hit in KTVs. As compared to July, the number of times it has been sung had increased by 60%. AoQuan happily said, ” my colleagues had told me. It probably is because the movie “You Are the Apple Of My Eye” had received pretty good box office sales.”

Gold Typhoon’s staff also took time off to watch the movie to show their support for AoQuan. AoQuan was so touched that he teared. More interestingly, AoQuan stood up to take a photo of himself tearing, but he accidentally sat on his glasses after taking the photo and spoilt his glasses.

The other 3 members not only did not sympathize with him, but instead they laughed at him, “LaoCao (his character’s name) can sell 1 car in 2 days in the movie. You earn so much, it doesn’t really matter!” AoQuan responded saying that everyone was too absorbed in the movie.


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  1. Pamela
    August 25, 2011 at 7:14 am

    My two favourite bands… <:
    Anticipating!!! :DD

  2. August 26, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I hope to see the whole new LollipopF after their training so much xD
    Oh It’s tomorrow ;w;

  3. luvlollipop
    August 29, 2011 at 6:35 am

    they really deserve this 🙂 i hope they will become as successful as suju, but anyway they deserve all they have gotten 🙂 jiayou!

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