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Lollipop F finds time to rest in midst of work in Seoul

taken from RilaWalker
(More photos available on the RilaWalker facebook!)
Lollipop F went to Seoul last week to take part in the recording of variety show “Star King”. They represented the Chinese pop and had a PK with Super Junior, who represented the K-wave. After they returned to Taiwan, Super Junior’s HeeChul went into army, and the host of Star King, Kang Ho Dong, announced that he would be leaving the entertainment industry temporarily. The 4 members of Lollipop F hence are even more looking forward to the broadcast of the episode. AoQuan said “Even if we still have a chance to go onto Korean variety shows, it’ll be difficult for us to be able to meet Super Junior and Kang Ho Dong at the same time. For the recording of Star King, we were all really uptight for 2 whole weeks. After the recording, we didn’t even feel like shopping but rather we wanted to return to the hotel to sleep.”
In July, Lollipop F had previously been to Seoul to undergo dance training. At that time, although they had to practice their dance for more than 12 hours everyday, they still managed to visit the wholesale markets in Korea the night before returning to Taiwan. AoQuan revealed that they managed to buy many things, including shoes and shirts that time. He added “this time, we were really tired. Even though we had sashimi and ginseng chicken for dinner, we shopped for less than one hour and already felt like returning to the hotel. Being able to relax after some time, we fell asleep in the hotel without showering!”
During the short span of time they shopped, Lollipop F experienced a few interesting things. AhWei said “Near the university, there was a church which was really beautifully lit at night. When we took a picture in front of the church, we had to give a pose which was cool and also portray the excitement of a tourist. Maybe it was because we were wearing Autumn/Winter clothings, many people stopped to look. We also met a journalist from a Korean fashion magazine. After she saw us taking the photos, she gave her namecard to our manager and expressed that she would like to interview us the next time we visited Korea!”
AoQuan was attracted by the KTV along the streets of Seoul. He said “The KTV rooms here are really small, but you are able to see everything happening in the room from outside. It’s really interesting to see people being so high and dancing around!” He even mustered courage to hit on 2 European girls on the streets and requested for a picture to be taken. “Because I was afraid of failure, I specially chose European girls. When I took a picture with them, I looked like I was really shy next to them!” However, what made him more embarrassed was that a group of Hong Kong fans who had already watched “You are the apple of my eye” was chasing after him and calling him by his nickname in the show, “Cao Ji Ba”. AoQuan said “Luckily there were not many people who understands Chinese. If not they’ll be wondering why these girls keep hurling vulgarities at me!”
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  1. luvlollipop
    September 24, 2011 at 6:44 am

    lol 😀 glad it was successful 🙂 im sure they have many more opportunities to come! they’re breaking into the korean market! woo! JY!

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