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0920 Gillian Chung openly courts boyband member (mentions AoQuan)

taken from xinmsn 

Ever since their debut in 2001, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung — the members of Hong Kong pop duo Twins — have been romantically linked to male celebrities.

Last year, Charlene made headlines after it was disclosed that she married fellow singer Ronald Cheng in 2006. However, the pair announced their divorce as soon as their marriage was exposed. Ronald and Charlene have since moved on to new relationships.

Gillian, on the other hand, had been linked to celebrities such as Shawn Yu, Edison Chen, Juno Mak and record producer Benedict Chong. Yet, till this day, the singer had never revealed who she had dated.

According to recent reports from the Hong Kong media, Gillian had taken a liking to Taiwanese singer Owodog — member of pop quartet Lollipop F — supposedly because he resembled her former lover Edison Chen. There were also rumours that Gillian was actively courting the singer.

At an awards show in Hong Kong early last month, Owodog suddenly walked down the stage during the show and presented Twins with flowers. Gillian replied to his gesture later, commenting, “Thank you for your roses, Owodog!”

Recently, Gillian expressed on her microblog that she could not wait to watch Owodog’s new movie, You Are The Apple of my Eye, which opened in Taiwan on Aug 19.

Owodog replied the singer, “[It will] open in Hong Kong theatres in November. Come over to Taiwan if you can’t wait.”

Gilliam responded to his post, “I wouldn’t be in Hong Kong between October and New Year. You better buy me a ticket to Taiwan to watch it now.”

It is uncertain if Owodog bought a ticket for the singer. However, Gillian appeared in Taiwan a few days later, showing her support for the movie. Owodog was said to have personally accompanied her to the movie.

While a handful of Owodog’s friends understood Gillian’s intentions, an insider let on, “Owodog once said that he sees her as a friend only; it is not possible between them.”



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