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0929 Lollipop F practices Love Love Dance, proves that they have good “waist power”

source from udn

Lollipop F showcased their “Love Love Dance” in their new song, DANCE.

AoQuan said “Previously, everyone knew us because of our dance. Now, we wish that everyone will love us because of our dance.”  Preorders have already started for their new album, DANCE, and it would be released on 20th October. There are 2 versions, one in which the preorder gift would be a cushion cover and a air cushion, and the other is an interactive DVD. They would be having an autograph session on Sunday afternoon at XiMenDing.

Their title track, DANCE, has a techno beat. Gold Typhoon invited ZhenNiHua to shoot the MV for DANCE and they used 4cars worth NTD 10m, and a total of 8 different locations for the shoot. However, on the first day of the shoot, the camcorder was spoilt due to the strong laser lights and the shooting had to come to a halt. AhWei thanked the director for helping him add more scenes. “This time, I’m showing my body again. I even have a scene with Lolly! She’s the first female lead for this MV!”

Lollipop F once again worked with the choreographer for famous artistes like SMAP, Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi. He incorporated the dance style of the blacks and came up with this “Love love dance”. WeiLian described this dance saying that the dance focuses a lot on the groove of the lower body. “Other than having a good stance, we must make use of our waist to let our body move.” Because the choreographer said that they would be able to dance it well as long as their “waist power” is good, Lollipop F practiced really hard to prove that their waists are the strongest.

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