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0930 JPM – Open Studio Interview

XiaoJie plays a big joke on Maodi

Hahaha what happened was WangZi and Maodi’s grandfather and aunt were visiting them in their house. When XiaoJie returned from his recording, he saw Maodi very diligently helping to prepare dinner and so wanted to play a joke on him. He went into the kitchen and pulled down Maodi’s pants and accidentally pulled his underwear down together. Maodi was really embarrassed and it was so awkward as his aunt was next to him!

XiaoJie lost a lot of weight preparing for the new album

XiaoJie said that he is not really used to people calling him by his name on programmes, and would rather people call him “Liao Jun” instead of “Liao Jun Jie”. Haha so he wasn’t really sure if the host was talking about him at first lol. During the album preparation period, the boys ate Macdonalds a lot, and at really irregular timings. XiaoJie also fell sick because he was too stressed but he couldn’t sleep as the songs weren’t completed.

Moonwalk is a whole new style

They talked about their new album and the people they worked with, including Wilber! They also talked about Moonwalk being a whole new style and not many people would be able to accept it yet.

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