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1009 Lollipop F appears for opening ceremony of BLUE SALT

taken from goldtyphoon

Lollipop F made a guest appearance for the opening ceremony of the street label, BLUE SALT, which they are endorsing for. They appeared in the ATT 4 FUN clothings and danced a 20second special of the Love Love Dance. AoQuan said “The dance for this song integrates the dancing style from the blacks and have a similar effect as the pictures in this series of shirts.  When we visited the shop just now, I chose 5 jackets and 1 pair of pants within 3 minutes. It’s not that I really like buying clothes, but we really don’t have time to go shopping and so once we have a chance, I’ll quickly choose what I like!”

During the event, Lollipop F took photos with 4 lucky fans, and had a handshake session with 50 lucky fans. They also gave out the limited edition momento prepared by the company. AhWei shared “It’s really refreshing to see our pictures in the shop, and it feels really great. But what makes me happier is that our DANCE MV had more than 170000 views in 10 days, and there are viewers from Korea. There was even a Korean fan who helped to sub our MV in Korean. Looks like we might be able to enter the Korean market soon!”

On the same day, Lollipop F had a fan session with Japanese fans. They also celebrated AoQuan, WeiLian and AhWei’s birthday during the fan meet. There were even fans who flew to Taipei from Japan directly. Other than having a huge sushi and cake, the four members also shared each others’ secrets. WeiLian shared a story about AhWei being afraid of the dark. Lollipop F danced their Love Love Dance to thank the Japanese fans for their support, and took a group photo with them after the event.

Because DANCE had received good results on the KKBox charts, clubs from various places in Taiwan had approached the company and invited Lollipop F to their club to dance. AoQuan said “We are pleased to have clubs who are looking for us to perform and party! In this series of promotional photos, we also took balloons of 6 different colours. On 29th October (Taipei homosexual day), Lollipop F would be going to the gay club FUNKY, and perform for our gay friends!”

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  1. daphne
    October 10, 2011 at 10:09 am

    weilian has a tattoo?

    • dreamerlorry
      October 10, 2011 at 10:17 am

      i never realised! haha i’m not sure if it’s a real tattoo but i dont think it is.

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