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1021 Lollipop F holds press conference for album release

taken from goldtyphoon

Lollipop F held the press conference for their album release on 20th October at a night club. AoQuan, AhWei, XiaoYu and WeiLian had signed a contract with Gold Typhoon on 21st October last year, and released their Si Du Kong Jian album on 6th November 2010. During the press conference last year, they each had a solo performance segment. This year, to fit in with their album DANCE, the members spent 2 weeks to each prepare a SOLO dance item. AoQuan who prepared an African dance said “We practically treated this press conference as a concert. I chose to do a barefooted African tribal dance also to correspond to the movie “Seediq Bale”!” However in the afternoon during the rehearsal, I stepped on a splinter and my leg bled for a while!”

AhWei chose to perform a dance which incorporates some martial arts and he revealed his body halfway through the performance. XiaoYu did a sexy dance with a female dancer. The other 3 members teased him and said “XiaoYu was exceptionally serious this time because he has a real person as a dance partner. After the rehearsal ended he kept asking the female dancer to practice their dance again!” WeiLian’s dance partner was a mannequin but he was really engrossed in his dance.

Lollipop F’s senior, Elva Hsiao, also represented Gold Typhoon to give the 4 members a gift each. Elva said “These 4 dance shoes are specially made according to the colour they each represent. It’s to wish that they would continue dancing hard!” The 4 members performed the Love Love Dance for Elva to judge who does it the best, and Elva gave WeiLian, who improved the most, the most recognition.

Gold Typhoon also gave Lollipop F a large gift, which is to send them to New York for dance lessons after their promotion period for this album ends. Gold Typhoon promised to spend more resources on the promotion for Lollipop F, to help bring their popularity and music up to a newer level!

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  1. showluo
    October 23, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    i’ve liked them ever since BSM and i can really see their improvement 🙂 i’m glad GT is spending more time (and money) on lollipop, sometimes companies just mind their more famous artists. Anyway, congrats to lollipop! They can give korean bands a run for their money! 😀 I know that they can do it! JY!

  2. Yu Xiu
    October 24, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I hope, lollipop f can be more famous than boybands from others countries!! YO!

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