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1110 Lollipop F hopes to have a concert next year

taken from sina

Since the release of their latest album, DANCE, in October, Lollipop F’s popularity has been on the rise. On 10th November, the four members appeared in GuangZhou for their autograph session. Lollipop F said they are looking forward to having another concert in GuangZhou.

Lollipop F’s DANCE is one of Gold Typhoon’s more important albums in 2011. AhWei appearing in a shirt which revealed his chest, WeiLian’s curled hair, XiaoYu’s golden hair, and AoQuan’s silver hair – all of it displayed their change. Lollipop F explained that in this album, there are a few dances which required strength in their lower body and hence they had been working out quite a bit.

Previously, AhWei and AoQuan had a performance on KangXiLaiLe which attracted many fans. This made XiaoYu and WeiLian slightly “jealous”, and they said that the next time they must join in the dance. AhWei explained that the dance was specially made for the show, and didn’t expect it to receive such a good response.

From BangBangTang to Lollipop F, although there is now 2 members less, they have still been doing well. When asked about concert plans, Lollipop F revealed that it is in the planning stage, and would likely be the highlight for next year. AoQuan still reminisces the concert they had with WangZi and XiaoJie two years ago in GuangZhou, and hopes that they would be able to have another concert in GuangZhou next year.

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