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1114 Lollipop F: All our efforts just to show that we can do it

taken from sina

Lollipop F’s profile: December 2006, after a thousand-people audition, 3 elimination rounds, 6boys debuted as “BangBangTang”. They took part in idol dramas, released the first album “NaLiPa”, and held their first concert in 2008 Jan 26th at XiaoJuDan, becoming the first group who managed to have a concert at Taipei Arena with only one album. In November 2011, AoQuan, XiaoYu, WeiLian and AhWei formed Lollipop F (while WangZi and XiaoJie became JPM along with MaoDi), and released their album SiDuKongJian.

Recently, Lollipop F held an autograph session in GuangZhou for their new album, DANCE. After one year, the four members can now sing better than before, their dance has improved, and they have even become sexier than before. Now, they are as close as S.H.E is.

Q: Just now when we saw you rehearse, it felt like a totally different group

AQ: After we finished the promotional activities for SiDuKongJian, we immediately started preparation for the new album. The preparation time for this album was the longest among all our albums. In this period of time, we had dance lessons, singing lessons, and also took part in acting and hosting jobs. All of us learnt many different things. In addition, this time round, the type of songs in the album is very different from previously. There are many dance tracks which are really nice. We genuinely like singing, dancing, and are working very hard to learn new things.

Q: As a matter of fact, the last time you came to GuangZhou for promotional activities, the reporters were discussing privately when you would split.

AQ: I understand. Actually, at that time, we were also very worried. We know that there were many people waiting for us disband. We had members leaving, and also faced a lot of attacks. At that time, there were many things which wasn’t convenient for us to say, and many things we could not respond to. Everyday, we had to work with extremely high EQ. We managed to tolerate  that period of time. During that period of time, we really grew a lot.

Q: Have you thought of giving up?

WL: At that time, there were frequent quarrels between us and we felt really demoralized. The company told us that we had to calm down, and temporarily refused to let us take up any work. Everyday we would just stay at home. You know, as an artiste, the scariest thing is to have nothing to do. The stress level was so great that we thought of looking for alternatives, and we were already mentally prepared that there might be no future.

AW: It’s very scary when people start doubting themselves. At that time, our income and popularity were affected really badly. The company arranged singing and dancing lessons for us, but we were not allowed to disclose any of our activities.

AQ: The change of members, fans choosing sides…we chose to not comment too much but instead continue doing what we have to. Finally, we pulled through those times, and our relationship became even stronger than before.

Q: Previously, you went to Korea and shared the same stage as Super Junior. How does it feel?

AW: That was a Korean variety program, and it was the first time they invited a Taiwanese idol group to take part in it. For the show, we spent about one month preparing. We were really excited when we reached, and felt that we represented Chinese music.

Q: Your new album has been on the top of charts in Taiwan for a few weeks. Is this your best album to date?

AQ: Yes, we did quite well on the charts, and a lot of DJs would tell us that our songs are nice. Previously they would never say that. We came from variety shows, and at the start we really could not sing. In this 5 years, we have been learning, and finally now there are people who will acknowledge us as singers. In this album, we tried R&B, and put feelings into singing. Like just now, we requested to rehearse twice. Last time, we would not pay too much attention to these details.

Q: Can I say that you all can sing now?

XY: Regardless of whether it was BangBangTang or Lollipop F, I realized that there is a common problem, which is that the members only cared about dancing and not so much on singing. After watching some performances of SiDuKongJian, I felt that this shouldn’t be the way. After all, we are a vocal group. Dancing and singing are of equal importance. Thus, we underwent a series of singing lessons. In this album, we paid a lot more emphasis on singing. There are a lot of people who can sing nicely, but what do you mean by “being able to sing”? I feel that it’s having your own style. Right now, all our voices have our own unique points, and we really like singing now.

Q: This time, other than the drastic improvement in singing and dancing, your figure also became a key focus. Do you think this will shift the focus away from your album?

AW: I get what you mean. WeiLian and I would specially go to the gym to build up. Actually, the expectations for idol groups are increasing, and the bodies of male artistes are becoming better and better. I think it’s okay to be a little sexier. AoQuan and XiaoYu are skinnier, so WeiLian and I would take on the role of the “sexy pair”. The best point about our group is that we like to laugh at ourselves. It’s okay to say that we like to strip, since our bodies are a result of our hard work.

Q: The movie AoQuan acted in, “You are the Apple of My Eye”, is really popular. Looking at the individual development of each member, AoQuan seems to be the most successful. This reminds me of WuZun and Fahrenheit. Would AoQuan also go solo?

AQ: Actually in this album I also have a solo song. Following, there will still be movies, and I hope to release a collection of my drawings. However, I really haven’t thought of going solo, and never felt that I am a lot better than the rest. The few of us have been working hard together since debut, and I have always hoped that what I do can help this group. I will not feel that I must go solo. The success of “You are the apple of my eye” let people know that I can act, but my final aim is to let people know that this group is good. I am Lollipop F’s AoQuan.

WL: AoQuan’s popular now, but we think it’s pretty good. Now that people know he can act, they may consider if the other members can act too. Actually, we all can act better than him. When companies look for him to perform, when they know that he is the leader of Lollipop F, they would then invite the whole group. We have been through so much together, and our relationship would not lose to S.H.E. We have times when we would quarrel and have different opinions, but we would never compare who earns more or who has more fans. We just want the group to be better.

Q: Would you all have different plans next?

XY: I write more songs, and am now preparing for my own single. In the future, I would probably sing as a solo artiste, but we would not disband.

WL: I will still act and host, but I actually have more interest in acting. I hope that I can have more of these opportunities. As for doing business, I think I will forget about it. Everyone knows I opened a fried chicken shop, but everyone also knows that it closed down.

AW: I think I will continue working hard for action movies. Actually, last year I also acted in a movie “QiuJin”, but because “You are the apple of my eye” is too popular, everyone only noticed AoQuan and forgot about me.

Reporters comments

4years ago, BangBangTang had their first interview in China, and I was the reporter. At that time, they were still 6. I couldn’t tell who is who, and the way they answered questions was really innocent. I only remembered AoQuan and WangZi’s faces. In four years, BangBangTang turned from 6 to 4, and released a few albums and held their own concert. However, one year ago, I once thought that these 4 people would have no way out, because their singing had not improved, and their dance wasn’t the best. They were lacking the “idol quality”, but were more towards the “ZongYiKa”. DANCE totally changed my image of them. From their performance on stage, I can imagine how much effort they have put in this year. AoQuan told me, they had survived the year under tremendous pressure. They managed to let people who once looked down on them see hope in them. From ZongYiKas to Taiwan’s most popular idol group, they had put in a lot of effort. Even if there are still many people who don’t like them, they are still working hard. If you have interacted with these boys, I believe, you would like them. Because they have a never-give-up spirit.

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  1. Only Ale95
    November 14, 2011 at 10:51 am

    What is the “ZongYiKa” exactly? As far as I know, it means “Variety coffee”, but is this meaning related to their previous image?

    • dreamerlorry
      November 14, 2011 at 10:53 am

      Actually it means like people who are like really funny and joking around a lot. but i couldn’t find a word to really explain it :/

      • Only Ale95
        November 14, 2011 at 11:00 am

        Thanks ^^
        I think this interview totally shows the reasons why we are fans of theirs, and why we love them, especially the reporter’s comment part… 🙂

  2. luvlollipop
    November 28, 2011 at 8:55 am

    i guess it was really hard for them to go through that splitting period. they must have gone through so much fights and differences. i honestly miss lollipop and before i used to be so proud that they weren’t like other groups who would disband because of those reasons, hence, it was quite sad for me when they did. But i was a really big fan of lollipop so even though i’m not that big of a fan anymore, i’ll still be here to continue to support them. I can’t just throw away or not mind something/someone i cared and liked a lot for a really long period (Ever since BSM actually up to last year’s break up)

    anyway my main point is Jia You both Lollipop F and JPM! i hope you’ll be really successful! 😀

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