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1117 LPF – 一袋女王

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In the show they talked about their memories they had together, and their most forgettable experience. XiaoYu talked about his quarrel with AoQuan during the release of DANCE, AoQuan talked about how WeiLian helped him bandage his ankle, WeiLian talked about how they helped him and showed him support when his father passed away, and AhWei talked about how they pulled through the one year after they became four. I teared a little at WeiLian’s part. Lolly also appeared in the show and this person who could understand what Lolly was saying helped translate whatever Lolly said. Lolly was afraid of being abandoned because she felt that AoQuan didn’t really take care of her and she’s like being thrown around between them and JPM. She also said AhWei bullied her a lot hahaha.

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