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1220 Lollipop F used their life to DANCE, AhWei bled twice

taken from udn

Lollipop F went for an award ceremony in Hong Kong last weekend with 2 of their members having flu, and AhWei danced till his hand bled. This was the second time they saw blood during the promotional activities for this new album, DANCE.

Recently, AhWei and XiaoYu had fallen sick. During the rehearsal for Hong Kong’s TVB 8 award ceremony, lead singer XiaoYu nearly fainted. During the break time between the rehearsal and actual show, XiaoYu kept saying that he was “about to die”. When he went off tune during the performance, nobody had the heart to reprimand him. AhWei was wearing a pair of gloves which Elva had given during the performance, but discovered that his hand was bleeding after the performance.

Lollipop F’s “Love love dance” had managed to bring up the atmosphere. While the 4 of them were shaking hard on stage, Zhang Yunjing was dancing along off stage. Lollipop F brought home TVB 8’s Golden Melody Award as well as Best Group Silver Award. Zhang Yunjing won the Golden Melody Award for XiangFanDeWo, as well as the Most Popular Female Artiste Award. Derrick Hoh won his first composing award that night.

Yesterday, Lollipop F continued staying in Hong Kong for filming. There was a lion dance show, and AhWei bled a second time. On 23rd, they would be returning to Taipei for an award ceremony. They would also be counting down at Macau. They had prepared a special gift for the Taiwan fans. For more information, stay tuned to their official website.

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