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0314 LPF – Michelle Chong sets her eyes on AoQuan for new film

taken from cari.com.my

When reporters interviewed Lollipop F back in February, AoQuan had asked reporters to help him pass the message to Michelle Chong, saying that he had seen reports that Michelle Chong was interested in looking for him and Jam Hsiao to act in her 2nd movie, and that he is really willing to act in it.

However, at that time, Michelle told reporters that her 2nd movie was going to be in English and AoQuan was unsuitable for that at the moment.

Recently, Michelle had asked on twitter “Can AoQuan speak English?”

When asked about it 2 days ago, she verified that she had set her eyes on AoQuan for her new movie which would start filming at the end of May. She will be contacting him soon. She explained that her plans for the English movie has been delayed and would start filming the Chinese film first. When she saw AoQuan expressing his interest in the movie, she had AoQuan in mind all the time when crafting the script. “I crafted the character based on AoQuan’s style.”

Michelle describes the character as a mischievous and outgoing guy who did a lot of things to attract the girl’s attention.

Michelle confessed that when she saw AoQuan in “You are the apple of my eye”, she wasn’t sure if he would be suitable for the character because he didn’t have much screen time. After that, she went online and watched a few of AoQuan’s interviews and thought that he had his own thinking and is really suitable for the role.

Michelle added that this character is the one she is most satisfied with among all the characters she has written. She said “There’s so much to explore. If I was a guy and 10 years younger, I would definitely act!”

The movie is about the love story between 2 guys and 1 girl. As for the other male lead, Michelle had actually revealed it on Twitter when she tweeted “anyone from BigBang can speak English?”

She verified that she was looking for a Korean star to act as the other male lead, and Big Bang is the ideal. However it is too expensive to get them to act.

Although it is a Chinese movie, the male leads need to know English because the story revolves around 3 Asian students who studied in Australia. When asked about the requirements to speak English, Michelle said “There wouldn’t be a lot of English lines, maybe one or two, or maybe 5 or 6. No, I think it’s 7! Haha”

As for the Korean role, because he is a person who would not understand Chinese, he would have to speak in English throughout the whole show. As for the female lead, Michelle is hoping for a new face and is looking for potential candidates. If you are aged between 17 and 24, and can speak Chinese, she welcomes you to email your personal details, resume and photo to michellchong@huatfilms.com.sg.

For those who don’t know, Michelle Chong is a Singapore actress/director and had previously filmed a movie with XiaoGui.

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  1. March 27, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Congrats Aoquan >v< Cant wait to see him in new film ❤

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