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Lollipop “I am Legend” GuangZhou concert 12/12

December 12, 2009 16 comments

Photo credit Lollipop Baidu

So who was WangZi’s ‘princess’ during that night of the concert? I’m pretty sure everyone was curious and excited who it was before the concert and afterward I can only imagine everyone burst out laughing. Why? Because it was no one other our dear Lollipop leader Princess AoQuan! OMG, the whole performance suppose to be romantic and I was burst out laughing the whole way through. My dear WangZi and Princess AoQuan kissed at the end, just on the cheek.

Here’s some fancam photos [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

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Lollipop @ Fanfan’s “F-ONE” Hong Kong concert 8/19

August 20, 2009 4 comments


Lollipop was the performance guest for Fanfan’s “F-ONE” Hong Kong concert on the 8/19. Such a shame that Wang Zi was absent because of filming again. Lollipop sang “I am Legend” and Xiao Jie covered Wang Zi’s part in the song.

Here’s the fancam version of Lollipop’s performance, they did the MFBBT opening dance with Fanfan [1] [2] and sang “Jiu Shi Ni” together [1] [2] right before Lollipop performed “I am Legend” they said the usual opening line for MFBBT.

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More news/photos on Lollipop 2009 “I am Legend” Asia Tour Concert 7/5

July 6, 2009 10 comments


Second day of their Hong Kong concert was a bit different from the first day, as some remembered 7/5 is Xiao Yu’s birthday and Lollipop especially prepared part to celebrate his birthday. Also Fanfan missed out on Lollipop’s Taipei’s concert but this time she has become the princess, she sang “Hei Bai Pei” with Wang Zi. Before how Lollipop said there might be some body revealing, yes there was. It was on 7/5 concert, A Wei and Xiao Yu shirts was ripped off.

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Lollipop 2009 “I am Legend” Asia Tour Concert – Hong Kong 7/4

July 5, 2009 43 comments


OMG ♥ ♥ ♥ OMG ♥ ♥ ♥  Okay, I’m gonna cram everything that I found about their concert on this post, it took me quite awhile to gather everything (that’s why I posted quite late). I am so so glad that their costumes this time were MUCH better than their previous one and I can’t believe how many fancam videos I can find on Youtube. It seem like all the fans have gotten their camera prepared, fully charged. I LOVE ALL THOSE WHO UPLOADED THEM!!! I think they all dyed their hair, it’s seem grey-ish/blue-ish/pink-ish/orange-ish/yellow-ish but looks pretty cool!!! Most importantly, WANG ZI PLAYED “Shuo Shuo” ON THE PIANO!!!

Edit// I added more news photos! There were more articles on their concert but it’s practically the same so I won’t be translating it. I just found out the girl who Wang Zi was holding during “Dui Bu Qi” was Wang Ri Hua’s daughter, Wang Ri Hua is a famous Hong Kong actor. So this probably was all set up before hand and was probably requested by her father as Lollipop kind of knows Wang Ri Hua (they had taken photos together when Lollipop went to Hong Kong). Also many Hong Kong artists went to their concert but the news only mention Theresa Fu.

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Lollipop Concert Merchandises

June 26, 2009 12 comments

Credit lum199292 @ Woo

Lollipop Asia Tour concert merchandises are released! The stuff are pretty cool but I think the most worthy thing to get is the t-shirt and the hat. The front of the shirt is too simple but I really like the back and the hat is just simply cool! In the Lollipop Lucky Can, I can see Lolly there! The dogtag necklace is pretty nice as well.

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May 25, 2009 3 comments


Photos credit soloentinc blog

This is so cool! Lollipop and some guys was invited to design this memorial tee for Lollipop’s Hong Kong concert. This tee is more Lollipop, Choc7 and fellow staff members. In the blog it mention that it’s not for sale and if fans want to take a look they can visit the following address that was mention on the blog.

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Asia Tour Concert “I am Legend” press conference

May 24, 2009 5 comments



Photos credit as tagged

HOT ♥ ♥ ♥ Two photos of Lollipop “I am Legend” concert press conference. The boys are looking great in white/silver/grey. Hoping to see more close up photos of this and possible a video featuring this conference.

Edit// More news photos and here is a video of the event. In the video, they said each of them will have a solo performance but it would be completely different from their Taiwan concert. Just to mention Hong Kong Coliseum is 4 sided so audiences will be seating around the stage, although Lollipop have not been inside that venue but they had a taste of it when Aaron Kwok held his concert at Taiwan.
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