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LPF – Upcoming Event: Big5 Concert

They will be attending the Big5 concert with other stars like 2AM, MBLAQ and SE7EN. The Big5 concert will be on 25th May at Korea Yeosu Expo. Here are more details.

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JPM Debut Album Release

July 31, 2011 3 comments

Here is some information about the upcoming JPM album release .. According to WangZi’s Weibo,

The name of their debut song/MV: “月球漫步” (Moonwalk).

8/3: Song airs on HIT FM
8/8: Pre-order starts for the album
8/13: Pre-order Autograph Session + Debut Concert in Taipei (ShiMenDing) at 2PM
8/26: Official album release

Asia Music Festival

April 17, 2011 2 comments

I’ve previously mentioned that Lollipop F will be going to Malaysia. Yes, they will be going to Malaysia for Asia Music Festival. Here are some details for the fans who aren’t still sure about it.

Date: 30th April
Time: 2pm-12mn
Location: MINES, MIECC
Ticket prices: 128 RM/238 RM

You can get your tickets here!

Lollipop F will be performing 5 songs, AoQuan will be singing with ZhangYunJing, and they will be doing a song with Derrick as well! It’s a really big scale performance for them, so fans, be sure to go down to show your support! (I really want to go! It sounds so grand!)

I’m still not sure if there are going to be other events though.

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