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Lollipop F in Japanese Magazine: Taiwan Entertainment Paradise

June 8, 2011 4 comments

credits to william international fc

They translated part of the magazine. It’s not the full interview I think. The boys look gorgeous in the pictures!

Question: Have you all felt that the members have matured?

Weilian: AhWei has become more responsible, but he doesn’t smile as much now. Previously, we just wanted to be happy when working, but now we are more serious with our work and would gain satisfaction from our work. Naturally, we won’t smile as much.

AoQuan: But AhWei’s personality hasn’t changed much, it’s just the working attitude that has changed. This is because he has matured!

XiaoYu: AhWei has also become more confident. In the past, he would not really take pictures of himself, but now he loves doing it. (laughs) Just joking. I feel that he has more confidence when he sings now.

AhWei: I learnt to be more confident from William. (laughs) In the past, I was too bubbly, like a kid. Now that I’m past 25, I should start to be more serious. I’ll look more like an adult that way!

AoQuan: XiaoYu used to be a little nonchalant about the other members, but now he would tend to look out for other people. Usually when we are playing with our phones and the staff want to speak, XiaoYu would say “don’t play with your phones already, listen to what they have to say!” I really think XiaoYu grew up.

AhWei: I think XiaoYu is smiling more these days, but he’s still so cool in private. This hasn’t changed much.

WeiLian: In our album, we had included XiaoYu’s favourite rock style. He was exceptionally trustworthy during that period of time when we were preparing for our album, and he managed to showcase his abilities in music.

AoQuan: WeiLian had put in a lot of effort in singing and dancing, and he improved a lot!

AhWei: Not only did he keep practicing, he also started paying attention to details!

WeiLian: That is because singing and dancing are the most important, and I have huge potential! (laughs)

XiaoYu: You should save on your improvement in self-confidence and put it at other places.

WeiLian: In the past, my confidence was the crazy type, but now it comes from the satisfaction from performing on stage and the hard work I’ve put in.

Question: Today you are wearing casual clothes. Are they your own clothes?

AhWei: To bring out our daily lives, we are wearing our own clothes today. And for the Japanese fans, I have specially chosen one that reveals my chest (laughs)

XiaoYu: Today I’m a rocker. It’s my favourite Guns N’Roses T-shirt. I prefer simplicity. (points at AhWei’s accessories) Like this kind of weird clothings, I won’t wear it! (Everyone laughs)

AoQuan: Because this time it’s a Japanese interview, all my clothes are bought from Japan! Nihon (Japan in Japanese), Jiayou!

WeiLian: My clothes recently are all black or grey. However because it’s already Summer now, I thought I should wear something brighter, but I ended up having similar clothings to AoQuan.

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1127 Difficult for Lollipop F to love

November 27, 2010 2 comments

Alright, I know it has been long since I last did a news article or something like that. Haha, I guess I was just being kind of lazy, and there hasn’t been anything much interesting – mostly talking about their new album and stuff. I guess I’ll just do this interview (:

taken from orientaldaily

Lollipop 6 becomes 4!

AoQuan: Of course we’ll be unhappy when the group split. Since everyone’s direction is different, and our aims are different, the area where we need to work on is different. It is really a pity we cannot work together anymore.

AhWei: Yeah, actually I think there is no right or wrong to this decision. Whether it is the 4 of us, or Wangzi and XiaoJie, everyone’s doing well, and it’s an honour to be a member of Lollipop!

WeiLian: Regarding this issue, actually the 6 of us have come to a common conclusion, just that we did not realise that the reaction from our fans would be that drastic. Of course, the party that gets attacked would be unhappy. At the end, when the fans started to slowly accept the fact, they also apologised to us.

XiaoYu: The 6 of us from Lollipop were selected from the show. The 6 of us had been admired and also criticized, and also we had been to XiaoJuDan, HongKan together. All these memories belong to the 6 of us, and I believe the fans and us would never forget it.

XiaoYu becomes a boss!

AhWei: Right now the 4 of us have a common ideology, to spread the Lollipop F spirit. Of course there are times when we have our individual activities, just like Fahrenheit and F4, where everyone has their own pet area. AoQuan is acting in idol dramas and movies, and we are working hard too.

AoQuan: Right now I am filming Giddens’s movie. Acting is actually quite interesting. I know AhWei is learning martial arts from a master in HongKong, and he’s going to be a martial arts star soon!

WeiLian: While idol dramas and movies are a good exposure, but when AoQuan was filming, we also had a few commercial events and he totally didn’t take part. As to who earned more, we’re really not sure!

AoQuan: I hope the next time I accept a role, I can avoid the golden period where there are a lot of commercial activities.

XiaoYu: Everyone has different job opportunities, like WeiLian and I have a second career. Next year in January, I will be opening a hair salon in XiMenDing, and I hope that it would become XiMenDing’s landmark.

WeiLian: Wow, Boss Yang!

XiaoYu: This is an investment with a friend. He had always been good at hair styling from young, and so I just invest some money in it.

AhWei: Do you want to look for us to endorse it?

XiaoYu: Sure! But there will be no pay, at the most I’d let you have your hair cut 2-3 times.

WeiLian: That’s so stingy! I treated you guys to my fried chicken a few times! It’s lucky that the business is not too bad, and that people like it!

XiaoYu: I hope I can perform at a pub next year. The previous time I did a performance with my friend, ShiYuanJie. It was really nice, and it is totally different from a concert!

Wow! AoQuan going to HongKong to get married?

AhWei: See, we’re so busy. It’d really be hard for us to commit to a relationship.

AoQuan: There are good and bad to being our girlfriends. The good part is that we’d definitely make her happy. The bad is that we would not have time to be with her, so the previous rumours are all fake!

XiaoYu: Actually, when we have female friends appearing around us, we might try to see if we can go on to something more than friends. However, we would very soon reach the period of promotion where we fly everywhere, and those feelings would just disappear after some time.

WeiLian: You are referring to….the one who got caught in pictures…XiaoMan?

XiaoYu: No! XiaoMan and I were never together, it was just a period of mutual admiration. At that time, Andy-ge did check on the status, but he did not stop us. It was just that after we were caught on photos we thought that perhaps it would be better if we were not together, and so we immediately pressed the brake!

AhWei: Let me say something explosive. The rumour-king AoQuan would come to HongKong to get married at age 32!

AoQuan: Can you clarify it! It’s because my mum was anxious about my marriage, and the fortune teller said that I’d meet my partner at age 32 in HongKong!

AhWei: So everytime AoQuan comes to HongKong, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate and instead looks around to see if his special one is around.

WeiLian: We are just like any normal person and would anticipate a relationship. We hope that we can achieve a balance between work and love!

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1105 Lollipop-F on Radio Interview

November 6, 2010 3 comments

uploaded by 915Jaime @youtube

Basically they just talked about their new album and upcoming events. If you are in Taiwan, and you have 5 or more albums, you get to take a photo with them! WHY AM I NOT IN TAIWAN! ):

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1105 Lollipop-F’s interview

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The boys had an interview with ent.163. You can watch the video here but I guess I will just type out whatever they asked/said for those who can’t understand Chinese. (Just click “more” for the entire interview) And there is only 3 of them because AhWei went to China to film a movie! (can’t wait!)

Here’s just a short summary of their interview:

During the interview, the boys said that the main reason as to why they started working out was because they hope to attract older fans. In the past, it was more of young boys and girls who were their fans. They hope that they can expand their fan group to more matured men and women. As the Taiwan ambassador for Jeju Island, the boys also went to Korea to film their MV. WeiLian’s birthday happened to fall on the trip, and he was forced to wear the female traditional costume. In Jeju island, Lollipop-F also met many young students, and XiaoYu was mistaken for SuperJunior’s LeeTeuk. However XiaoYu thinks that he doesn’t look like LeeTeuk.  AoQuan was spotted by the grandma selling food, and not only did she let him eat Tempura for free, she also looked at him differently. As to what they wish to do in the future, XiaoYu said that he would like to go to a pub to sing, to improve his stage performance and reaction skills. WeiLian and AoQuan would like to go into acting. As for AhWei, the other 3 members thought that he should continue building up.

Read more…

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Lollipop-F’s interview on Pixnet

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

They went on this interview a few days ago, and here is the video of their entire interview. Basically, like always, they introduced their album. It was funny seeing how AhWei tried to pronounce “freedom”! After that they had some sort of a quiz where the host asked questions and they would all give their own answers. It was really funny how AhWei kept preventing AoQuan from drawing something weird or doing weird things. They asked questions like “who has the craziest fans?”, “what does WeiLian like to do?” and “which female artiste does AhWei admire the most?”. At the end of the show, they also helped to celebrate AoQuan’s birthday (which happened to be one day after).

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WangZi and XiaoJie’s Interview

Part 1 Part 2
I’m not sure where this was in, but I think it was in GuangZhou. XiaoJie talked about WangZi being very lazy and how he always bullies MaoDi. XiaoJie also says that WangZi always messes up the house and that although they are in the same house, WangZi would call XiaoJie on the phone to ask him what he would like to eat. Then they played some game where they had to answer some questions and WangZi won. XiaoJie’s punishment was to dance to Hey Girl’s songs.

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奈瑞儿.時尚印象 2009-11-16

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 (uploaded by arTInGLP @ Youtube)

It was a very short interview with Lollipop, the opening of the show already took up half of the part 1 video with the rest featuring on one of Lollipop’s autograph event questioning fans why they like Lollipop.

Part 2, Lollipop expressed their way of keeping their face clean and healthy. AoQuan said as long as your young inside then you will look young, while WangZi suggested to wash face with cold water rather than hot/warm water. Afterward they talked about what kind of style clothing they wear when off screen. Lastly they promoted the movies they have filmed and their concert.

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