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Calendars for 2011

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

The Lollipop F Calendar for 2011 would be released soon. The dimensions for this calendar is 60cmx40cm, and there will be 1 sheet for every 2 months, and thus a total of 6 sheets and 1 cover page. This picture is the cover page of the calendar. I have no idea how you can order it alone, but you can always order it through fanclubs. (I’m going so broke cause of the amount of things they have been releasing).

On top of the Lollipop F one, A Legend Star is also releasing a calendar. (I don’t think I’ve made an official post about this) The ALS Calendar will consist of all 21 artistes under their company. I’m also not too sure how you can purchase it though, and I haven’t exactly seen any pictures of it so yeah.

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