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Xiao Fu’s Wretch photo album update 7/15

July 15, 2009 5 comments

Credit Xiao Fu’s Wretch

Season 1 didi Xiao Fu (the one who loves playing basketball) has recently updated his Wretch photo album with photos of the episode where previous didis come back on the show. In the photos that he uploaded, you can see many many old didis including season 1 and 2 didis who came back on the show.

The first didi who caught my attention in the group photos was the guy with the blond hair and OMG! When I had a closer look it was Eason! No offense, he looks ugly with that hair colour. Looking forward to this episode and seeing the old didis back on the show.

Lollipop has another new mini movie

March 22, 2009 8 comments

It seem like A Wei has been writing news articles about what’s going on with his new mini movie. Last time he wrote one for these photos and I thought it was fake until I saw “message from A Wei”. Anyways A Wei has write up another news article regarding to the new mini movie he’s producing. The new movie is called “廖問之越V風雲”, not going to translate it because it’s too hard but the first character is Xiao Jie’s and Wei Lian’s surname. I like how he took photos regarding to the news article how it seem like they were all being interviewed. After the great amount of compliments from “Lang Ya Bang”, Lollipop is up for another martial art mini movie starring Andy ge, Xiao Jie, Wei Lian, Xiao Ma, Li Quan, Ya Tou and Mei Mei. It seem like Wei Lian will be acting as another psycho character for this one. This is exciting and I hope Lollipop produce more mini movies along with other MFBBT didis.

Some little extra things to add in, China singer Bibi Chou has recently joined Gold Typhoon and Lollipop sent flowers to congratulate her, a photo can be seen here.

Also in the recent 3/20 WAHSH, there’s a little mention of Wang Zi from Ya Tou, can see caps from here.

Previous didi Ke Le, mentioned in his blog that he recently returned to MFBBT, not because he’s back on the show it is because he wanted the casting of “Ai Dao Di” to sign posters and DVDs. DVD? So the DVD is out? The DVD is a limited edition DVD, I guess it’s probably includes interview + making those sort of things. Anyways he said everyone didn’t change, was still passion and nice to help him out signing the posters and DVDs. He rushed and sweated as he didn’t have enough time since the boys need to start recording. It’s great to see that they still contact each other since everyone seem to be busy with work or studies.