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Details of WoAiHeiSeBangBangTang

October 2, 2009 7 comments


Although at the moment Lollipop might or might not participate in this show, but I’m sure the Lollipop fans want to know more details of this new show and what are some of the segments. According to STAR TV website, there’s a whole new segments in this show.

The host is still Hei Ren along with Da Ya and A Ben, it includes other members of Hey Girl and meimeis (Xioa Han, Yu Tu, Hong Shi, Wan Zi, Yao Yao, Tang Guo, Yong Tu and etc) , Choc7 and SanJun. WoAiHeiSeBangBangTang is a combination of Channel[V]’s two hottest youth variety show, during this show the didis and meimeis will present their dancing skills, singing skills, acting skills, PK in finding the most delicious food and lots more! The show will provide some trendy news for the youth and also some discussion topics for the didis and meimeis. Look out for WoAiHeiSeBangBangtTang every Monday to Thursday at 10pm!

New segments!

Idol artist interaction: New segments such as “Idols auction corner”, “Idols imitation corner”, “Idols fans meeting”, “Idols gossip corner”, “Idols singing corner”, “Idol paparazzi corner”, will let the audience understands more of the didis and meimeis.

Brown Sugar PK challenge: PK in between the didis and meimeis such as in people, things and items. PK such as the prettiest girl in school, the strongest dancing crew, the most unique restaurant, the latest invention, the most delicious food must eat!

Brown Sugar debate discussion: In this segment the didis and meimeis will discuss their own point of view in love relationship, you’ll get an idea of what guys think and what girls think letting you know the difference between the guys and girls.

Brown Sugar run away: Outdoor shooting! A challenge between heaven and hell, outdoor challenges in elimination form. Let see who is the last one standing!

That’s all! Although at first the show doesn’t sound too promising but after reading this I think it might be interesting, the segments seem pretty fun! Although Lollipop is not on this show at the moment, but if people insist I can post about this show as well. Please drop a comment whether you like me to post about this show or not.

Hu Ya’s Wretch photo album update 9/19

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Photos credit Hu Ya’s Wretch

Hu Ya uploaded a bunch of photos of his trip to Hong Kong to watch Lollipop’s concert. Loads of photos with Ah Jie, they took so many photos with each other. I kind of miss Hu Ya, he was my favorite didi during the er jun selection. Is it because of his makeup or is he just simply white? It looks a bit unnatural to me. But I love Hu Ya’s sense of dressing, it’s cool and suits him well. I’m glad that he’s still appearing on TV, recording VJ PuPuFeng. Wonder how he goes? Since talking was never his strong point.