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戀夏戀夏戀戀下 Trailer

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Other than the fact that AoQuan’s cantonese is really cute, this really doesn’t seem to interest me much :/

Official Poster of 戀夏戀夏戀戀下

June 13, 2011 3 comments

It’s the official poster of AoQuan’s new movie in HongKong. Hmm, the poster doesn’t really appeal much to me though. I don’t really know how to describe it but yeah, let’s just hope it turns out not too bad!

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0329 XiaRiLianShenMa ends filming in Macau

March 30, 2011 1 comment

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XiaRiLianShenMa (another name for AoQuan’s new movie) successfully ended its filming at Macau on 28th March. The main actors and actresses were all present. JiangRuoLin acts as a tomboy in the show. During filming, everyone treats her as a guy. It has been long since she carried a sweet and pretty appearance, and they finally treated her as a girl. She expressed that the filming process was very happy and they often joked around.

When the media asked which scene was the most unforgettable, JiangRuoLin says that it is the scene at a party, and she had to dress up as a cartoon character. AoQuan on the other hand had to dress up as Mona Lisa. During the filming, they couldn’t help but laugh after seeing each other’s appearance, and thus NG-ed a few times. When the reporters asked if AoQuan and JiangRuoLin had any intimate scenes, she said that they only hugged. AoQuan jokingly said that he wonders why the director doesn’t add any scenes.

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News Video of AoQuan’s new movie

March 21, 2011 1 comment

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They had a press conference at Hainan island for the movie.

0306 AoQuan shops at MK

March 6, 2011 2 comments

taken from orientaldaily/the-sun

AoQuan had been filming his new movie in HongKong. During his free time, he managed to do some shopping at WangJiao. Along with 1 male and 1 female, they went to a CD shop.

AoQuan finally chose to buy the album of a Bboy group as well as a few HongKong comedies, after deciding for some time with his assistant. In the end, his assistant helped him to pay for the DVDs he bought.

When he noticed the media, he immediately smiled and greeted them in Cantonese, saying “Hello! I’m having a break today!” After which he went to a nearby cinema. AoQuan initially wanted to watch some HongKong movies, but unfortunately they only had Western movies available. He then bought tickets to watch The King’s Speech. Before he entered the cinema, he bade farewell to the media, saying “Time to watch movie, byebye!”

(HAHA look at the album he’s looking at!)

It is said that the parts of the movie that would be filmed in HongKong was already completed, and the team would be moving to Hainan, Macau and ShenZhen to continue filming. AoQuan only stayed in HongKong for a few days to prevent his “otaku” image from being revealed. The production team chose the filming location very carefully and also prevented the people there from taking photos, but there were still a number of fans who had went to visit AoQuan. Gold Typhoon had said that that day was AoQuan’s personal time, and he wished to have some time to roam HongKong before leaving. They believe that it is because he was now acting in a movie, and that’s why he watched more movies to gain experience.

0302 AoQuan takes careful control of where he looks

March 2, 2011 5 comments

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AoQuan’s new movie has changed its name from 夏日戀一戀 to 戀夏戀戀下.

Lollipop F’s AoQuan is temporarily going solo and is filming a HongKong movie. In the movie, he is acting as an otaku, and he had come up with his own trademark action.

Lollipop F is very popular in HongKong, and their popularity had won AoQuan this role in the movie. In his previous movies, he acted as SunWuKong and a rebellious student. He laughed and said “this time, the role has the greatest contrast from my personality.” To make the character more distinct, he suggested showing his big ears, and let it “explode” from the hairstyle. He also suggested that when the character was nervous, his ears would move. As for now, the style of the character is still kept secret.

The director did not request AoQuan to speak in Cantonese. However the other actors and the script are all in Cantonese, leaving him really lost. He would bring around his script everywhere to ask for advice. AoQuan, who only knows 5 lines of Cantonese, said “I really must work on my Cantonese.” Fortunately, JiangRuoLin (the girl who is working with him) is quite outgoing and can take good care of others. She immediately became his language teacher as well as a translation machine.

As the female actresses are all quite busty, AoQuan takes really careful control of where he looks at. During breaks, the auntie who prepares their drinks would always give AoQuan drinks. Even if he doesn’t feel like drinking, he would politely accept it and show a thumbs-up sign. This encouraged the auntie to keep giving him water, and caused him to keep running to the toilet!

0227 XiaRiLianYiLian starts filming

February 27, 2011 1 comment

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XiaRiLianYiLian is AoQuan’s new movie! It’s a HongKong movie and it started filming yesterday. I wonder what kind of movie it’ll be like (: