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0529 Lollipop F visits Korea for the 4th time in 2 years, reminisces the times they “co-habitated”

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Lollipop F’s charm has been increasing, and they have visited Korea 4 times in 2 years. Following their role as ambassadors for Jeju-do in 2010, and being invited on STAR KING in 2011, they were invited to the Korean Expo last weekend (25th May), being the only Taiwanese group that got invited. The local media compared their Love Love Dance with KARA’s Butt Dance and HyunA’s sexy dance, praising Lollipop F’s dance skills as the pride of C-pop.

On the day of the event, Lollipop F also went to visit the exhibits about green energy and marine technology. When they visited the exhibit about robots, they were all excited about the improvement in modern technology, especially when they saw the exhibit of a female robot. AoQuan expressed he would want a male robot. “My mum would be jealous. Her wish is to be my girlfriend in her next life. I already promised her during Mothers’ Day this year!” AhWei said “It’d be good to have someone preparing meals for you. I’d clean the robot everyday just in case it malfunctions when it’s cooking!” WeiLian then teased AhWei saying “Your muscles are so big, I think you are already a robot!” XiaoYu is hoping to see a robot which you can bring around. “This way, next time when we go overseas for work we can just bring the robot around. The company would be able to save a huge sum of money!” They were also really excited to see a robot dancing to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and they also played soccer with a robot. AhWei said “Previously we have seen it on the news but it’s still really exciting seeing the robot perform in real life! Maybe next time everyone would just wear an armor suit like Iron Man and we won’t have to work out anymore”

That night, Lollipop F also stood on the stage of the Korea Expo, and performed Love Conquest and DANCE. The crowd of more than 20000 people screamed when they did the Love Love DANCE. At the end of the event, the organizers specially arranged for Lollipop F to meet MBLAQ back at the hotel. They two groups promised to take care of each other next time.

During this trip to Korea, the boys were all excited when they saw the hotel room. The rooms were really huge. Each room had 4 beds and 2 bathrooms, and a living room, dining room and a balcony. Initially it was arranged for 2 members to share one room, but the 4 boys decided to relive the feeling of staying together, leaving the other room to their co-workers. WeiLian said “The room is really huge. The 4 of us have been staying separately for 2 years, so we decided to relive the feeling of “cohabitation”.  They played pillow fights and just rolled around the bed and reminisced about the past when they were staying together. XiaoYu said “I remember when we were staying together, we all had our own habits. We would often get into disagreements over cleanliness but AoQuan would always be the first to step out and manage the mess!” AhWei said “Whenever someone locks himself in the room, we’ll drag him out to talk and share about their troubles.” However, after 1 hour, the 4 of them decided that it’d be better for them to stay separately! It’s because the boys couldn’t change their habits and the room was in a mess. AoQuan said “We were just talking and unpacking our luggages, and then the room just exploded, so we decided it’d be better to stay separately.”

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0407 LPF – Lollipop F makes guest appearance at Nick Zhou’s event

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Nick Zhou had this signing event for Love You So Much OST, and Lollipop F made a guest appearance. WeiLian was absent because he had filming in China. They gave him secret “manuals”.

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0314 LPF – Michelle Chong sets her eyes on AoQuan for new film

March 14, 2012 1 comment

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When reporters interviewed Lollipop F back in February, AoQuan had asked reporters to help him pass the message to Michelle Chong, saying that he had seen reports that Michelle Chong was interested in looking for him and Jam Hsiao to act in her 2nd movie, and that he is really willing to act in it.

However, at that time, Michelle told reporters that her 2nd movie was going to be in English and AoQuan was unsuitable for that at the moment.

Recently, Michelle had asked on twitter “Can AoQuan speak English?”

When asked about it 2 days ago, she verified that she had set her eyes on AoQuan for her new movie which would start filming at the end of May. She will be contacting him soon. She explained that her plans for the English movie has been delayed and would start filming the Chinese film first. When she saw AoQuan expressing his interest in the movie, she had AoQuan in mind all the time when crafting the script. “I crafted the character based on AoQuan’s style.”

Michelle describes the character as a mischievous and outgoing guy who did a lot of things to attract the girl’s attention.

Michelle confessed that when she saw AoQuan in “You are the apple of my eye”, she wasn’t sure if he would be suitable for the character because he didn’t have much screen time. After that, she went online and watched a few of AoQuan’s interviews and thought that he had his own thinking and is really suitable for the role.

Michelle added that this character is the one she is most satisfied with among all the characters she has written. She said “There’s so much to explore. If I was a guy and 10 years younger, I would definitely act!”

The movie is about the love story between 2 guys and 1 girl. As for the other male lead, Michelle had actually revealed it on Twitter when she tweeted “anyone from BigBang can speak English?”

She verified that she was looking for a Korean star to act as the other male lead, and Big Bang is the ideal. However it is too expensive to get them to act.

Although it is a Chinese movie, the male leads need to know English because the story revolves around 3 Asian students who studied in Australia. When asked about the requirements to speak English, Michelle said “There wouldn’t be a lot of English lines, maybe one or two, or maybe 5 or 6. No, I think it’s 7! Haha”

As for the Korean role, because he is a person who would not understand Chinese, he would have to speak in English throughout the whole show. As for the female lead, Michelle is hoping for a new face and is looking for potential candidates. If you are aged between 17 and 24, and can speak Chinese, she welcomes you to email your personal details, resume and photo to

For those who don’t know, Michelle Chong is a Singapore actress/director and had previously filmed a movie with XiaoGui.

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LPF Sydney events

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

This is the poster for their Sydney event. They’ll be having this party session on 30th March. It’s like a mini concert with an autograph session. Venue is at cockle bay wharf, darling harbour, Sydney. VIP tickets at $79 and general entry tickets at $49. Entry is only for people above 18. For those between 15-18, there is also a special area opened for them. For more information please go to

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0225 JPM’s WangZi received his enlistment order, to enlist in March

February 25, 2012 5 comments

taken from libertytimes

Following Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao’s enlistent, 23 year old member of JPM, WangZi, was said to have received his enlistment order, and is scheduled to serve national service in March.

WangZi had studied in Taichung’s Xin Min High School, but transferred out to Zhuang Jing High School (where a lot of other artistes study) after joining Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang. He then went into Xing Wu Technological University to study English. As there are many male artistes who use education as an excuse to delay their enlistment, “XingWu” made a rule that every student cannot take more than 5 absent leaves in a term. However, it was said that WangZi took too many leaves the previous term and hence was expelled. The new term has started but he had not managed to complete his school transfer procedures. Hence he received the enlistment order.

Reporters had called XingWu’s student affairs office, and a staff verified that WangZi had been expelled as he took more than 5 leaves the previous semester.

MingDao studied for 11 years in university to delay his enlistment, while 31 year old Huang Zhi Wei is still struggling. Last year, the national service order was changed that the maximum age to serve national service is 28. WangZi is 23 this year, and he can still delay for a few more years. To add on to that, he just took on SETTV’s new idol drama “Ai Shang Qiao Ke Li”, and JPM is preparing to release their second album. The enlistment order came as a shock to him.

JPM flew to GuangZhou yesterday for an event. With regards to this piece of news, Andy expressed that he was quite shocked, and added that WangZi had attended his mid-terms and end-terms examinations the previous term and had obtained pretty good results. However he wasn’t aware that WangZi couldn’t take leave for more than 5 times.

I wonder if he’s really going in. I’m going to miss him and like it has been long since any of them appeared in an idol drama and I really want to watch him appear in the drama ):

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0220 Lollipop F talks about acting

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

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The boys went to FuZhou to promote their book, XiYouJi. (I have no idea why because the book was released a long time ago but yeah) The reporters asked AoQuan about his role in You are the apple of my eye and they talked about WeiLian and AhWei’s chances at acting and that acting was a lot more tiring than singing.

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LPF Information about Sydney concert

February 10, 2012 2 comments

Finally, there’s information about the Sydney concert! I haven’t found the official poster yet though. Australian fans, it’s now your turn to show your support for Lollipop F! Details are as follow:

Date: 30th March

Time: 8pm

Venue: Home The Venue, Cockle Bay Wharf.

Organizer:  OZ Star Entertainment

For any queries, please call 0451 534798/0425 123456.

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