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0407 LPF – Lollipop F makes guest appearance at Nick Zhou’s event

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Nick Zhou had this signing event for Love You So Much OST, and Lollipop F made a guest appearance. WeiLian was absent because he had filming in China. They gave him secret “manuals”.

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0220 Lollipop F talks about acting

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

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The boys went to FuZhou to promote their book, XiYouJi. (I have no idea why because the book was released a long time ago but yeah) The reporters asked AoQuan about his role in You are the apple of my eye and they talked about WeiLian and AhWei’s chances at acting and that acting was a lot more tiring than singing.

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0204 Members became competitors. Lollipop F: We have all grown up.

February 4, 2012 1 comment

taken from xinmsn

Lollipop F expresses that they have adjusted their attitude and mood since the members left, and they all still keep in contact.

Lollipop F is back in Singapore for the promotion of their 2nd album, DANCE. Because AhWei was in China for the filming of a movie, he did not manage to take part in the media interviews.

In their new album, DANCE, they portray a more matured and sexy feeling, exhibiting the Love Love Dance in their title track, DANCE. Lollipop F received an interview with xinmsn and talked about their dance lessons in Korea. AoQuan laughed and said “Initially, we thought our stamina was not bad. But when we reached there, we realised all of us were not good at all!”

Interview 1 (video)

Interview 2 (video)

In 2010, WangZi and XiaoJie left BangBangTang. In August last year, they formed a new group JPM, together with WangZi’s brother, MaoDi. There were rumours that Lollipop F fell out with WangZi and XiaoJie over this.

In response to this, WeiLian clarified that they still kept in contact and would discuss their songs and dances, giving advice to each other.

However, both JPM and Lollipop F focused on dance songs, making it hard for the media to not compare. WeiLian said “Actually, we can understand where the media is coming from, so no matter what headlines is put, we know how deep our relationship is, and won’t  question the other party.”

Lollipop F emphasized that they treated JPM as friendly competition and would not hate them. “We still interact. After all, we have all grown up.”

Nevertheless, it is still difficult to adjust when people you worked alongside with suddenly became your competitors. XiaoYu said “After that, we decided to look at things from a different angle. We took “Bang Bang Tang” as an university. After everyone graduated, we would all do our own things. Perhaps we would be in the same industry, and might become competitors, but that is normal.”

lollipop F

As Lollipop F matures, the members start to think of expanding their career in different areas. AoQuan is currently preparing to release a sketchbook, AhWei and WeiLian are looking into acting.

lollipop F

XiaoYu, who has a number of compositions in Lollipop F’s album, is looking into releasing his solo album this year.

XiaoYu said that most of his inspiration come from when he is showering, and would often rush to finish showering to record the melody in his phone. He is currently selecting songs for his album.

“I will start recording really soon. As to how I would release them, it’s still unsure.”

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0624 News Video of Taipei Movie Festival

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WangZi attended this event for Honey Pupu. He revealed that JPM’s album would be released in July!

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News Video of GMX

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The reporters generally asked about how they felt performing like this, and of course both of them enjoyed it a lot. XiaoYu also explained that he initially wanted to kiss AhJing on the forehead during the performance of FangKong because he was really touched she was singing it, and the song was initially written for her. In the end, he only hugged her though. I’ll be posting the news articles later tomorrow!

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0603 AhWei’s car used to drive Lollipop around

June 3, 2011 1 comment

taken from nextmedia

AhWei has a 6-year old Nissan X-Trail, which was used to drive Lollipop around when there was still 6 members. AhWei especially likes that the car has a window on top, and he would imagine watching the stars with his girlfriend from inside the car. However, because that window hasn’t been used for more than 1 year, he had trouble opening it.

When AhWei was 17, his father started teaching him how to drive. The day after he reached 18, he went to get his license and when he was 19, he spent more than NTD 100000 buying a second hand car, and another NTD 100000 on modifying it. He met with an accident soon after and the car was spoiled, but it was lucky that he was alright. The car he has now was originally his parents. 

AhWei is the first in Lollipop to have a car. Previously when they were filming Black Sugar Machiatto, he was their chauffeur. The 6 of them were unable to fit into the car, and some of them would have to sit in the back seat which was meant for putting luggages. AhWei knows that this was illegal and he said “this is a bad example, you shouldn’t imitate it. That time we did that because we wanted to save on money and trouble.”

There was once when they were all tired from filming, but he still had to drive while the other 5 were already sleeping soundly. He stopped at a red light and thought he could rest a while, but he fell asleep, causing a traffic jam. AhWei says that he has the best driving skills in Lollipop F. “My skills can get me 100 marks, AhWei must be careful with details, XiaoYu is not careful enough, AoQuan is too obsessed with details.” However AoQuan rebutted saying, “This is because I put safety as my priority, and I don’t drive as dangerously as AhWei!”

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AhWei posted on Weibo a reply to this:

LOLLIPOP_F阿緯:天窗修好了,有誰想坐我的車? 謝謝威國際轉發!

Lollipop_FAhWei: The window is repaired already, does anyone want to take my car? :p Thank you William International FC for posting!

0517 WQYL

May 18, 2011 1 comment

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This is the news clip of their event at the Taipei Travel Fair. They talked about the Golden Melody Awards and said that they’ll work harder and that their new album is already in the midst of preparation. I can’t wait for their new album already! And they still look really great and wonderful in that pilot suit 😀

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