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AoQuan X WangZi at Hito Radio Music Awards

It has been REALLLLLYYYYY long since the two of them took a photo together. This is taken after the music awards yesterday night. This photo is so precious I can’t help but put it up here hahaha. I’ll post the videos of yesterday’s performances later (: WangZi says he has another version of it and he’ll post it some other time. I really love these two together.


AoQuan: Hahahahaha the golden left/right face is here, it has been long since we met Qiu NiaoMao! We finally saw each other again ya! @WangZi


WangZi: Hehheh, Long time no see. Golden Left/right face is back. I have another photo here, will post it some other day

LPF – New official wallpapers uploaded

March 12, 2012 1 comment

Gold Typhoon uploaded official wallpapers for Lollipop F’s DANCE album. You can download them here. I really love those champion photos (:


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Lollipop F X Teelocker collaboration

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

This is the second time they are having a collaboration. The new shirt will be released on 9th Jan, and there is a limited number of 199 pieces. Each shirt is HKD250. For more information, you can visit the teelocker website.

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Lollipop F’s new endorsement – Blue Salt

August 25, 2011 1 comment


I think Blue Salt is a new fashion brand. THEY ARE GORGEOUS IN THESE PICTURES ❤ These are only some of the pictures. You can get the complete series here!

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JPM Debut Album Release

July 31, 2011 3 comments

Here is some information about the upcoming JPM album release .. According to WangZi’s Weibo,

The name of their debut song/MV: “月球漫步” (Moonwalk).

8/3: Song airs on HIT FM
8/8: Pre-order starts for the album
8/13: Pre-order Autograph Session + Debut Concert in Taipei (ShiMenDing) at 2PM
8/26: Official album release

0625 Giddens appoint Michelle Chen as lead actress

taken from chinayes

Giddens’ movie “You are the apple of my eye” had premiered yesterday night at the Taipei Movie Festival. Giddens expressed that the only suitable female lead for the movie is Michelle Chen.

Giddens had said that the “otaku goddess” only needed to have a deep cleavage, but the female lead required charisma as well. AoQuan said that Giddens was totally lenient with Michelle, and Michelle also said that Giddens often praised her “you did well, it was so cute!” However, when they asked Ke Zhendong about who he saw as his “goddess”, he hesitated before saying Michelle. Giddens laughed and said to him “You are looking for death!”

This is the first time AoQuan is acting in a Taiwan movie. He said that the reason why he took on the role was because Giddens was looking for an actor who looked more handsome than the lead. He didn’t forget to praise Ke Zhendong for being handsome of course. He said that they were different styles and that he looked more rebellious. Giddens had once requested AoQuan to put down his idol image, but AoQuan thought that it was a proud thing to be part of Lollipop. Giddens was touched by his persistence!


0625 Taipei Movie Festival Wangzi News Photos

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment










credit as watermarked

WangZi participated in the Taiwan Movie festival for his new movie. Here are some photos of him with the cast during the news conference/coverage.

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