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0625 Giddens appoint Michelle Chen as lead actress

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Giddens’ movie “You are the apple of my eye” had premiered yesterday night at the Taipei Movie Festival. Giddens expressed that the only suitable female lead for the movie is Michelle Chen.

Giddens had said that the “otaku goddess” only needed to have a deep cleavage, but the female lead required charisma as well. AoQuan said that Giddens was totally lenient with Michelle, and Michelle also said that Giddens often praised her “you did well, it was so cute!” However, when they asked Ke Zhendong about who he saw as his “goddess”, he hesitated before saying Michelle. Giddens laughed and said to him “You are looking for death!”

This is the first time AoQuan is acting in a Taiwan movie. He said that the reason why he took on the role was because Giddens was looking for an actor who looked more handsome than the lead. He didn’t forget to praise Ke Zhendong for being handsome of course. He said that they were different styles and that he looked more rebellious. Giddens had once requested AoQuan to put down his idol image, but AoQuan thought that it was a proud thing to be part of Lollipop. Giddens was touched by his persistence!


0625 Taipei Movie Festival Wangzi News Photos

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment










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WangZi participated in the Taiwan Movie festival for his new movie. Here are some photos of him with the cast during the news conference/coverage.

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0514 Lollipop F dreams to tour the world

May 15, 2011 2 comments

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Lollipop F appeared in a pilot suits and caused the fans to scream. There were even fans who brought boards to cheer them on. The four dreams to tour the world, and hence are busy earning money now.

AhWei who is usually joking around said that after wearing this suit he would feel that there’s a need to be serious. He said that if he was a pilot, it would be cheaper to tour the world, and the others laughed at him for being cheapskate. XiaoYu said the costume along with his hair makes him look like Leonardo. As to where to start their world tour from, they said they would like to start from Egypt.

The four have been preparing for their new album recently and they are feeling the immense pressure. The previous album they had composed 7 songs together. XiaoYu was hence quite disappointed that they didn’t manage to get nominated in the Golden Melody Awards. They said they would continue working hard and are still planning to work towards the Awards next year.

Lollipop F now are expanding in various areas. They managed to invite ZhangHuiMei on the first episode of their new programme. Other than that, AoQuan is also challenging the movie sector, and he has 3 movies due to air. He also got appointed by Cyndi to act in her new MV.

The four also shared various interesting places in Jeju island. They interacted with fans and also gave out the stone figures they brought back from Jeju.

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Pictures from AMF 2011

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

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These are pictures of their performance!


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Pictures from AMF2011 Press Conference

March 23, 2011 3 comments

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Here are the pictures from the press conference. I’m really loving XiaoYu with his blonde hair, he looks gorgeous!

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Photos from WanMei Hair opening

February 18, 2011 1 comment

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This is kind of overdue but I keep forgetting to post it up here. So here it is!

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0129 News Photos from Lollipop F’s autograph session

January 30, 2011 2 comments

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I hope I didn’t miss out any of the pictures (:

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