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The Swordman Dream – Review

July 20, 2010 19 comments

I’m sorry about the lack of updates I’m doing, I guess I’m really starting to lose interests in Lollipop ever since the split up. Anyways I just watched “The Swordman Dream” today.

You can watch the raw version here.

Actually I never did had high hopes in this movie from the very start when I read about the storyline. But I still had little excitement inside of me because of WangZi. WangZi is actually not the main character but he does have quite amount of scenes (at least more than Kung Fu Hip Hop 2).

Basically the story is about a group of non-humans are trying to invade the human world and they were taking over this town. The king gave this fire to this monk (I think he’s a monk), this fire have the power to destroy those creatures and the monk’s journey is to deliver the fire to that town. The monk stayed at the LongMen hotel and was accidentally killed. Then TangSanJu took over to complete his journey for him. That is the main storyline but in between there’s lots of random stuff.

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Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 – Review

July 1, 2010 7 comments

Finally able to see this movie. The storyline was simple but the main focus of this movie was the dancing, there was actually quite a lot of scene of dancing involved here, the kind of dance mainly involved were hip hop and breaking.

In this movie WangZi is called WangZi using his stage name, I guess since it’s his first movie shown in China they wanted people to know him and recognise him. In here WangZi played a role of a genius choreographer in a crew name Encore. He then left the crew because he needed money to cure his mother’s illness so he signed a contract with Mr. Ye who I think some kind of artist agent. Then this dance competition was held, Mr. Ye told WangZi if he able to make the crew win then all the prize money would go to him unfortunately his girlfriend found out the truth that the money will all be split. She told LeTian and LeTian decided to win the competition for WangZi so that he can use the money to cure his mother.

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Screen caps of Lollipop @ Metro music award

August 18, 2009 22 comments


I just finished downloading the whole award music ceremony and watched it today, although Lollipop only appeared on the stage twice and performed once on stage but they had quite a lot of shots while they were sitting off stage. They were so cute ♥ ♥ ♥ So I couldn’t help it and did some screen caps, caps are them sitting down I didn’t take any while they were on stage.

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