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AoQuan X WangZi at Hito Radio Music Awards

It has been REALLLLLYYYYY long since the two of them took a photo together. This is taken after the music awards yesterday night. This photo is so precious I can’t help but put it up here hahaha. I’ll post the videos of yesterday’s performances later (: WangZi says he has another version of it and he’ll post it some other time. I really love these two together.


AoQuan: Hahahahaha the golden left/right face is here, it has been long since we met Qiu NiaoMao! We finally saw each other again ya! @WangZi


WangZi: Hehheh, Long time no see. Golden Left/right face is back. I have another photo here, will post it some other day

JPM Debut Album Release

July 31, 2011 3 comments

Here is some information about the upcoming JPM album release .. According to WangZi’s Weibo,

The name of their debut song/MV: “月球漫步” (Moonwalk).

8/3: Song airs on HIT FM
8/8: Pre-order starts for the album
8/13: Pre-order Autograph Session + Debut Concert in Taipei (ShiMenDing) at 2PM
8/26: Official album release

0417 AoQuan’s WeiBo update

April 18, 2011 2 comments

I will just be translating this post of his (without screenshots or anything because I’m feeling lazy), because I really love it.


How touching, finally having a gathering. BangBangTang DiDis and BangBangTang producer B2 (Currently KangXiLaiLe producer), the DiDis who didn’t turn up, sorry your name has been taken down haha. When everyone gets together, there’s still only laughter. Just the topic about reminiscent, we have so much to talk about. Nostalgia.

WeiBo updates

March 4, 2011 1 comment

Here are some WeiBo updates from today. Haha, I’ve been really lazy at doing the weibo updates so i only did 2. I shall do more some other day!

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Random WeiBo updates

December 17, 2010 2 comments

Right, I know it has been long since anyone last did an update of their posts and stuff. Haha this is partially because they have been SO active on weibo they post almost everyday and so it wasn’t really possible to catch all of their updates. But so anyway I’ve decided to translate some of them for those who are interested. And I think I should just like explain the format a little – I’ll use the example below.

So basically, WeiLian first posted the NT18000 post, then XiaoJie “retweeted” it and added in his stuff, and WeiLian replied to XiaoJie. When you see the “//” it means someone replied to the message, and the message before the “//” sign is the reply, and the one after the “//” sign is the original message. I’d do my translation in the same order it appears – I hope it isn’t too complicated? If it is, please tell me so that I can change the format.

Here is the picture AhWei uploaded.

Here is the picture AoQuan uploaded.

Here is a picture of AoQuan’s boarding pass!

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4 BBT WeiBo updates

August 5, 2010 2 comments

Here’s a link to the other 5 BBT WeiBo blogs:

Ao Quan


Wei Lian

Ah Wei

Xiao Yu

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Wang Zi WeiBo updates

August 4, 2010 10 comments

Recently found out that our Wang Zi is following Gui Gui on her WeiBo.

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