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AWei Woo message 02/02

February 2, 2010 2 comments

Can’t wait until all those CNY shows are on, looks like we’re gonna be some awesome performances from Lollipop since AWei mention they are working on performances.

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Lollipop posts and replies in Woo

November 2, 2009 2 comments

Some posts and replies from Woo, sometimes I don’t really catch all their replies because it’s everywhere. But I’ll try my best to translate ones which are more meaningful, such as those with one or two words or just one lines I usually don’t translate them.

As usual if there’s any mistake do say so!

Edit// I also found out, I heard AoQuan mention how he was chatting to fans online and I found the link to where he chats to his fans. Visit here if you want to chat with AoQuan online.

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AWei messages at Woo 10/20

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

AWei have left two new messages, one on the 10/19 and one on the 10/20. Gah, it took me awhile to notice “sibeixiu” was “special” pronouncing in a Chinese way, sure got me thinking there. Anyways, it was cute of AWei to leave a message on Woo using his phone (I believe he’s a iphone as it was shown in a magazine).


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WangZi’s new movie title confirmed! 10/17

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

So we’ve been hearing that WangZi has a new movie in China but we have no idea what it is or the title. Yesterday from Asianstars’s Sina blog they have released the news that WangZi’s new movie title is called “Wu Lin Xiao Zhuan/武林笑傳” (I don’t think they have the English name now). I also have forgotten that WangZi is an artist under Asianstars, this is probably why he gets more chance to film movies than other members of Lollipop.

According to Woo, fans have said this movie also starring HeJiong, XieNuo, CengZhiWei, XuZheng, YanNi but don’t know if it’s true yet. Seeing those artists fans were worried if WangZi is a cameo or main lead. But it’s confirmed by WangZi with a reply on the thread about this movie that he’d be the main lead in this movie!

So from what I read in Woo, it seem that this movie is a comedy movie for New Year and it’s ancient! Gosh! I think I’m gonna crack up laughing if I see WangZi dressing up in ancient clothing (well maybe not, see how it goes). Anyways, another movie we can look forward to!!!


AoQuan Wretch 10/13 and WangZi Woo reply 10/14 translation

October 16, 2009 2 comments

AoQuan had posted a pretty long message on his Wretch blog on 10/13, it was rather interesting so I translated it. Ignore some of the question marks of his original message, somehow Photoshop isn’t picking some of the Chinese characters.



Just short replies from WangZi at Woo about his new movie (not Kung Fu Hip Hop 2). This should replies some of the answers to people here.


P.S. Sorry for those who doesn’t like reading from an image because it prevents people from copy and paste to their own blog/webpage/forum without crediting. But yeah, it looks nice anyways… hehehe

XiaoJie reply at Woo 10/08

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Click on the photo to enlarge it. Looks like the birthday boy was really happy turning 24 years old.


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AoQuan birthday message to WeiLian 10/07

October 7, 2009 1 comment

So far only AoQuan wrote WeiLian a birthday message on Woo, if there’s more I’ll add on here.

Sorry that in the previous interviews I wrote “tempo” instead of “tian peng” for WeiLian’s new nickname. It’s actually Handsome General TianPeng, it’s the piggy’s name in “Journey to the West” when he was still a god from heaven. BaiJie that AoQuan mention in the message is the name of the piggy’s name in “Journey to the West” after he turned into a pig. Also the last line AoQuan wrote “jinhoujia” is probably some Taiwanese language meaning “it’s delicious” or something, I heard it before but can’t remember it clearly.


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