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Fanvids of LPF at GuangZhou Run Night


Love Conquest

AhWei doing push-ups

XiaoYu sings HaiYaoYiQiChong

Chong Xin Ai



Bu Yao Jiu Bu Yao

I think this event is about people running at night and being without stress. The part where XiaoYu sang one line of Hai Yao Yi Qi Chong was really cute because AoQuan wanted to give him a tempo and started trying to “beatbox” but it was just so weird and WeiLian looked so embarrassed haha.

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AhWei uploaded video – Lollipop F 2012 Hito Radio Music Awards

uploaded by @youtube

The shots are mainly from the rehearsal the day before and them going out to play after the rehearsal. There was also a short segment with FanFan backstage. They’re really still such kids.

0506 LPF/JPM – Videos from Hito Radio Music Awards

May 7, 2012 2 comments

Backstage Interview (LPF)

Backstage Interview (JPM)

JPM’s Performance – MoonWalk + NaBuShiXueZhongHong

JPM Receiving award

Lollipop F’s Performance – DANCE

Lollipop F Receiving Award

In the backstage interviews they basically talked about their thoughts on receiving the award. And of course, LPF was asked about JPM and JPM was asked about LPF. JPM talked about their upcoming album which will be released during the summer holidays in Taiwan and MaoDi talked about his injured ankle. Lollipop F was teasing each other all the way haha. Like they said XiaoYu is becoming more and more scheming like he was doing push ups and sit ups before their performances and he revealed a lot during their performance. AoQuan was like “XiaoYu, I thought you always said talent is more important than body. AhWei must have led you astray.” XiaoYu replied by saying “Now actually I think body is more important than talent” Haha, the boys have been really obsessed with gyming lately. WeiLian also said he met JPM along the corridor but he was in the bathrobe and JPM were in their outfit ready for performance so it wasn’t really convenient for them to take a photo together. The others then said that WeiLian’s reply was very “official” (like in a official press release) and they made AhWei comment, but AhWei’s comment ended up being even more “official”. I really like what Lollipop F was wearing! JPM got their award from FanFan it was really cute because HeiRen told JPM to tell FanFan that he hopes that they could do a french kiss during a public event and they really did that. FanFan looked so embarrassed and kept chasing them away it was so cute! Lollipop F didn’t get to do their special performance because of time constraints. (XiaoYu was really *_________* during the performance!)

0430 LPF – 熱波音樂節

May 1, 2012 2 comments

SDKJ and ChongXinAi + Intro

ZhanLiPin + HaiYaoYiQiChong + DANCE

I really love it when they sing ChongXinAi 😀 😀 😀 It’s like favourite song! Haha anyway this event is some concert where many different groups of artistes will perform. (:

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LPF – HITO Music Awards Special Performance Preview

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

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They will be having a special performance at the Hito Music Awards. They will be doing a few dances and this is just a sneak preview of one of the dance. (Jay Chou’s Shui Shou Pa Shui). WeiLian is not around because he is filming, so they are quite worried that WeiLian wouldn’t be able to learn the dance in time.

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0416 Lollipop F – Artistry on Ice

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Actually they only appeared from part 6 onwards but I thought I’ll just put all the links here for those who might be interested to find out more about the entire event. I am not too sure what exactly it is about but I think it’s about art on the ice skating rink like who has the best poses and all? And I think this girl is having a tour to showcase her art on ice (: (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I’m not too sure what’s Lollipop F’s role in this though like whether they are the ambassador or what. (Sorry I haven’t been updating myself too much because exams are next week :/) WeiLian isn’t around because he is in China filming. They gave the girl (I think she was the previous winner) a gift and the boys spoke in Japanese to her! If I’m not wrong, the boys are preparing to go into Japan too 😀 During the photo taking part the boys were like trying to pose as though they were ice skating but the photographers told them to be cooler HAHA

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0415 The Apple of My Eye at Hong Kong Award Ceremony

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

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I have no idea what the English name for this award ceremony is, but it’s about like the best films across Hong Kong and Taiwan (I’m not sure if it includes China). So The Apple of My Eye won a prize and Giddens let all the actors have a chance to voice out their gratitude. I was really touched when AoQuan introduced himself as “Bang Bang Tang’s AoQuan” (BangBangTang just has a special meaning for all of us). He later posted on weibo and facebook saying that it just came out intuitively and that it was like a habit already ❤ He also mentioned in his speech that he would continue to act in movies because he really loves it.

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