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0115 LPF – 中國愛大歌會

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

XiaoYu talks about his composing

Bu Zai Qin Ai

Fang Kong



Zhan Li Pin

Chong Xin Ai


Full Version

It’s like a mini concert kind of thing for them I think, they performed quite a number of songs. They also gave out some “awards”. XiaoYu got the best composing awards and “won” other competitors. WeiLian also won the “best dance” award, but I can’t find the cut out of it. The links above are XiaoYu cut outs of the show. The full episode can be found on tudou. AhWei, WeiLian and XiaoYu also talked about AoQuan as a leader, and AoQuan also talked about how much he treasures being with the other three and that he doesn’t want to go solo.

[/edit] I found the full version on youtube. It’s added to the links above, for those who prefer watching on youtube rather than tudou (:

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0122 中国爱大歌会

January 24, 2011 2 comments

Watch here

I haven’t been able to find an Youtube version for this so make do with it for now (: The video quality is quite terrible though. They started off with SiDuKongJian of course. They tried speaking with the SiChuan accent it was pretty funny! They had to answer a few questions, and the question AhWei got was “What do you want to say to WangZi and XiaoJie?” Of course he gave a very safe answer and he wished that their ShangHai music showcase would be successful! (: WeiLian added that XiaoJie owed him money from playing cards the last time! AoQuan chose a question asking about AhWei and YaTou! They also sang JinTianShiHoliday and ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao (: But I’ve no idea why the video was cut in the middle of ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao ): They also sang FangKong and BuYaoJiuBuYao! 😀 It’s their first time singing those songs live right! 😀 It has been long since XiaoYu sang JiaoHuanRiJi alone! He still sounds awesome! 😀 After they showed the compilation VCR of Lollipop, AoQuan talked a bit about WangZi and XiaoJie and said that he still treats everyone as his best brothers!  It was really sweet of him! They also invited a fan who had cancer, and had undergone treatment after 4bang’s encouragement

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