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1201 Lollipop F returns to Channel V

December 10, 2010 6 comments

taken from sina

After Lollipop left Channel [V] 1 year ago, they have since became Lollipop F. Lollipop F returned to Channel [v] for an episode of “Wo Ai Hei Se Bang Bang Tang Zhi Wu Li Quan Kai”, and they showed their dance skills and muscles. They were both excited and nervous. When Blackie saw the four boys turn into mature man, and are now more attractive than before, he couldn’t help but say “Indeed they were produced from Channel V!”

When Blackie saw Lollipop F, he kept saying that they have grown up, and revealed that FanFan actually misses them a lot. Because they do not have much opportunity to meet, FanFan can only watch the boys on TV. This time, when Lollipop F returned to Channel [V], and showcased their dance at the start of the programme, the hosts and competitors were really impressed.

Lollipop F debuted from Channel [V]’s programme, Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang. In MFBBT, they have already  been putting in much effort in all their performances. XiaoYu who really had problems with dancing also put in extra effort to improve his dance. Their new album still has much difficult dance steps, and now that it’s 4, every small mistake would be more easily observed. XiaoYu, who really did not like dancing, had put in even greater effort for Lollipop F’s new album. His muscles were also more toned than before. AhWei has always loved dancing and would grasp every opportunity to practice his dance. Although they were all “wrapped up”, their muscles were still easily seen. When they first appeared at the start, the audience could not help but take out their cameras and keep shooting.

Lollipop F took the role of the guests for WAHSBBT – WuLiQuanKai. Many of their fans also turned up to support them. When the four boys saw the competitors from the different groups, where there were small children of age 8 all the way to a 50 odd year old foreign competitor,and saw their performances, they said “these competitors are really much better than when we started out!”

You can get watch that episode of WAHSBBT here:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I really miss the old kind of WAHSBBT. This is more like a dance competition than WAHSBBT -.- Anyway, they probably do not have much screen time as well since the focus is on the competitions.

WAHSBBT 2010-02-13 (XiaoJie Part)

February 14, 2010 2 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by liltammy0607 @ Youtube)

XiaoJie introduced himself as “A Legend Star’s XiaoJie”? I liked if he said Lollipop or nothing better.

The dance is basically drama base where two girls love one guy and at the end the guy killed one of the girl. Okay I’m not the type who likes those sorts of ending but maybe that makes it more interesting. I guess drama kind of like dances is not my thing but they all danced really well.

They PK with MaoDi and ManMan who used to be a HSHMM as well. In the end both groups got full scores 15 and both groups got to pick a red pocket.

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WAHSBBT 2010-02-08 XiaoJie WangZi appearance

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @ Youtube

XiaoJie and WangZi aren’t in the video much but you can still see and hear them. The video is about fooling Andy ge, I think it’s like they were suppose to be having dinner and then all the rest of them except for Andy ge disappeared while Andy ge was taking a nap.

Well I don’t think it’s really that funny (that’s why none of the boys voted them), then they compared a video that was taken by Lollipop from last last season and said it was more funnier back then.

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WAHSBBT 2009-10-22

October 23, 2009 1 comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by sugoishowV @ Youtube)

Yeah for another episode of Lollipop on WAHSBBT, sometimes I don’t know like to see the fans playing games because most of them would be really shy and usually holds up a lot of time. MaoDi was amazing in recognizing Lollipop by touching their faces but I guess it’s not hard since he known them for a lot of years and his comments were funny. Then it was the balloon game, first was 4 word phrase and the next person had to continue with the previous last letter, second was songs with any item words and lastly was funny is songs with food. They started singing songs with “foods” like pig’s head and tiger. The only song that came to my mind was “chashaobao” for the food word song.

Part 1-3 was the rest of Lollipop fan meeting and the rest of it showing WAHSBBT fan meeting. AhJie is really crazy but I think he fits in this show more as nobody is as crazy as him now. So all the didis and meimeis knows about the “special” guest and all of them was like “I’m waiting for drama when the two meets”. Here’s a rough sub video of the part where WangZi appeared.

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WAHSBBT 2009-10-21

October 21, 2009 7 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by sugoishowV @ Youtube)

Finally Lollipop is on the show, but it’s another “fan meeting” type of segment. Excluding WangZi all of the Lollipop members are here on the show and for the first time we get to see WeiLian’s new hairstyle on TV. Lollipop has two episodes, tonight Lollipop will be on again so stay tune on tomorrow’s update of another episode of WAHSBBT of Lollipop.

I’m not diggin in those news at the start of every episode and it’s seem like it has gotten longer than the first few episodes. It feels completely different having Lollipop as the guest, as expected it is much more interesting with them. MaoDi feeling more confident when WangZi is not around was funny and LOL @ teasing YaoYao. HeiRen as his favorite quote during the singing game never fails to amuse me “GET OUT!” and I totally laughed at the Cantonese he said telling the fan to go home/go back to the hotel. AhJie is totally shining in this new show, laughed at him when he suddenly switched to singing (sounds like) Korean. WeiLian is funny, love the part when he’s full of expression singing “KuCha” and the very angry expression singing “NaLiPa”. I think I’m starting to think WeiLian’s new hair cut is cute but it is still weird/funny in some angles.

The second game wasn’t that fun hope they won’t play that again. But AoQuan was so funny, kept pushing his tooth in that onion. Too bad it’s another draw as the last fan did not help at all. The third game AoQuan was really good at it and his pose is so funny but I think he deliberately lose on purpose on the third round so that other people can have a go at it. I guess if WangZi was present they’ll definitely make him verse MaoDi in this game and all sort of funny thing will be sad if either of them loses.

There’s more Lollipop in the episode, can’t wait to see it.

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Details of WoAiHeiSeBangBangTang

October 2, 2009 7 comments


Although at the moment Lollipop might or might not participate in this show, but I’m sure the Lollipop fans want to know more details of this new show and what are some of the segments. According to STAR TV website, there’s a whole new segments in this show.

The host is still Hei Ren along with Da Ya and A Ben, it includes other members of Hey Girl and meimeis (Xioa Han, Yu Tu, Hong Shi, Wan Zi, Yao Yao, Tang Guo, Yong Tu and etc) , Choc7 and SanJun. WoAiHeiSeBangBangTang is a combination of Channel[V]’s two hottest youth variety show, during this show the didis and meimeis will present their dancing skills, singing skills, acting skills, PK in finding the most delicious food and lots more! The show will provide some trendy news for the youth and also some discussion topics for the didis and meimeis. Look out for WoAiHeiSeBangBangtTang every Monday to Thursday at 10pm!

New segments!

Idol artist interaction: New segments such as “Idols auction corner”, “Idols imitation corner”, “Idols fans meeting”, “Idols gossip corner”, “Idols singing corner”, “Idol paparazzi corner”, will let the audience understands more of the didis and meimeis.

Brown Sugar PK challenge: PK in between the didis and meimeis such as in people, things and items. PK such as the prettiest girl in school, the strongest dancing crew, the most unique restaurant, the latest invention, the most delicious food must eat!

Brown Sugar debate discussion: In this segment the didis and meimeis will discuss their own point of view in love relationship, you’ll get an idea of what guys think and what girls think letting you know the difference between the guys and girls.

Brown Sugar run away: Outdoor shooting! A challenge between heaven and hell, outdoor challenges in elimination form. Let see who is the last one standing!

That’s all! Although at first the show doesn’t sound too promising but after reading this I think it might be interesting, the segments seem pretty fun! Although Lollipop is not on this show at the moment, but if people insist I can post about this show as well. Please drop a comment whether you like me to post about this show or not.