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Random short videos update

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I know I’ve been missing out those short videos because sometimes I really can’t be bother to post them since each videos probably is around 1min long. Anyways, now I’m going to post them all at once here, whether you’ve seen it or not here they are! The videos are not in particular orders.

Chinese Top 20 2009-08-08
Lollipop as the guest introducing “Zhong Yi Ka”.

Lollipop celebrating father’s day
This video is cute! Lollipop is celebrating father’s day when they are the father and Lolly is the daughter. Xiao Yu also brought his home dog Gun Gun here as well. Seem like they had a nice father’s day. Lolly sure is getting a lot of TV appearance lately.

“Zhong Yi Ka” MV making
This making video is from “Xing Kong 8 Zhao Yu”. This video is similar to the one that I posted except that there’s more of an interview at the end of the video. Everyone agrees that Xiao Yu looks pretty as a girl.

This was pretty long ago but I didn’t bother to post it during that time. Mainly on videos on the event day.

Introduction to Taiwanese groups
This is a news video introducing the groups in Taiwan. First half of the video introduces Lollipop and the other half introduce Fahrenheit. Introduces Lollipop’s type of idol style is idol and zhong yi ka and more natural.

Lollipop ice skating
Lollipop is so cute in this video, they even invited a lucky fan to skate with them (wonder why they didn’t mention about this fan in the news article?). Ao Quan and A Wei is funny when they were teasing Wei Lian and the that fan. Xiao Yu is started skating with 2 little girls was hilarious, the reaction of the other members. They looked like they had so much fun, seem like Wang Zi is missing out a lot of fun.

Lollipop cheering for the students having exams
Lollipop cheering the students who’s going to have exams soon, Wei Lian expressed he doesn’t have good result and said everyone has their own talents.

Yu Le NP3 – Welcome Alien
Introducing A Wei and Wei Lian new show with Kang Yong ge.

Yu Le NP3 – Xiao Yu hosting VJ Pu Pu Feng
Xiao Yu expressing his feelings after hosting this rock episode. He regretted laughing at others who hosted. As Linkin Park is coming to open a concert so this is why they did this rock music episode.

Lollipop visiting the Smile Kingdom
A video featuring Lollipop visiting the Smile Kingdom. Lollipop seem very excited like little kids and seem very interested. Wei Lian has become the history teacher for Lollipop and started explaining it to the other members.

Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-07-01

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

Wang Zi is here to tell what kind of dressing sense he likes. He expressed that his favorite dressing sense is black & white as you can keep yourself low profile and many big events such as music awards most people will wear black & white.

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Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-06-29

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

This time Xiao Jie talks about what he likes doing during the summer. He said that during summer he likes reading books while turned the air conditioner on. But also love going to the beach. Xiao Jie mentioned about his last year birthday, he went to the beach with Wang Zi, Xiao Yu, Wei Lian and Andy ge. They stayed there for 2 days and 1 night but Andy ge had to leave early so he wishes next to go there again together.

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Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-06-23

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

This time it’s A Wei introducing how to become a trendy guy. A Wei’s tips of becoming a trendy guy is that first must style your hair, can’t be messy. Can either use some wax but not too much or wear a hat. For clothes as long as it look clean then its fine but most importantly is the shoe, shoe cannot be dirty must be clean. Lastly wear a fitted pants so that it present a long slim legs feel.

In this video A Wei had a lot of trouble with pronounciations, it’s very cute.

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Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-06-18

June 19, 2009 3 comments

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

Again Ao Quan introduced his dressing style also showed off his dancing moves. Probably a way to show how comfortable the clothing can even while dancing.

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Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-06-15

June 17, 2009 2 comments

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

This video feature Lollipop’s “I am Legend” autograph session, what was shown was practically shown on those news videos that I have posted. So nothing much new in this video.

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Bang Bang Ichiban 2009-06-11

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

uploaded by lollicraze @ Youtube

Wang Zi and Ao Quan introducing the latest fashion with Ao Quan as the model. They were introducing one of the latest fashion is 2 or 3 layers pants. As what Ao Quan was wearing, one tight legging inside along with shorts outside is one of the latest trend.

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