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流行In House 2009-08-29

August 30, 2009 4 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by no rating sugoishowV @ Youtube)

It’s been awhile since Lollipop was on this show, will watch this later and edit this post.

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Edit// As I was told that the quality before wasn’t good enough so I replaced the links with the better quality ones. In this episode only Xiao Yu, Xiao Jie and Ao Quan came. A Wei and Wei Lian has to record “Welcome Alien” and Wang Zi is still filming the movie. They first introduced their second edition album and one by one they introduced their dressing style.

As usual Xiao Jie is the most fashionable guy in Lollipop as he take notice of the latest trends. 2010 fashion, men’s style are heading towards the girl’s side, not only girls can wear sandals but there’s also guy’s sandals. They introduced what is the current trendy for the bottom half for guys. The sandals that Xiao Xiang was wearing reminds me of Naruto. Anyways, Xiao Jie introduced a few guy’s sandles and expressed that he also have a pair. He also explained how you should match it with your upper half and if it’s winter you can also wear a pair of sock inside. Ao Quan introduced another type of shoe which is in the fashion, it’s like one of those slip on, very colorful and unisex. Next they introduced shoes which were trendy long time ago but was back in the trends, wearing those shoes was best to roll your pants up. Xiao Xiang’s moon walk was very funny! Xiao Yu introduced a variety of sport shoes, mostly in gold silver color as these colors are still in the trends. The Xiao Jie said Wang Zi only wears black, white and silver. Xiao Mi jie commnented “So you mean Wang Zi already thinks highly of himself as a real prince”.

Enough with the shoes they introduced pants. So the trends is still revealing the shoe and not covering it, so most they introduced was either 3-quater pants and shorts but shorts they suggested to wear legging inside. Xiao Jie commented this year and next year fashion is not for Wang Zi as he doesn’t like wearing leggings or anything that resembles girl’s fashion. Xiao Jie introduced some of his pants, they are mostly wide on the top and tight on the bottom. It’s funny how they talked about buying leggings at shops because legging was purposely for girls but with Lollipop taking the fashion trends more and more guys will start wearing leggings but they must wear something on top of it. One of the legging that Xiao Jie brought, he discovered that A-Mei also has one.

Xiao Jie then introduced some double pants that was designed by their designer Xiao Wei. Xiao Mi jie cracked up laughing when she saw the shorts was made of those basketball jersey materials (the net type). She said “You can wear it if you want to be a trendy basketball player”.

Ending the show, Lollipop each tried one the shoes and pants they introduced to show how it should be matched. Xiao Jie was really “sexy” just wearing the legging and sandals, if you look at the bottom half only you’ll think it’s a girl. Before it ended Wei Lian appeared since he heard the show are giving away a pair of shoes to all Lollipop members so Wei Lian immidately grab it and put it and ran off.

I don’t know if I accept guys wearing leggings but I guess it depends, only guys who have long skinny legs looks good (like Ao Quan). Those fashion they introduced I have seen Korean and Japanese artists dressing like that earlier this year. As the time changes, the neutral style is the trend where girls dress a bit tomboy-ish and guys dress a bit feminene-ish.

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