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Azio Superstar 2009-07-30

July 31, 2009 1 comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by liuhe08 @ Youtube)

This is the first time Lollipop on this show, I’ve seen this show before and quite like it because Wu Zhong Xian is so funny! From the start all of them feels so high and alive, I wonder why? Feels like this is the best TV live they did on singing “Xia Ri Lian Ai”. After the performance they talked about their feelings for the concert which is a must. Xian ge is so funny trying to set a trap for Lollipop, saying even Super Junior lipsync so just admit it. Lollipop almost fell for it but they immediately denied it. They talked a lot about the concert that we already have heard of and afterward they sang “Mi Mi Ji Di” which I haven’t heard them sang for a long time.

Next part is each member asking 1 question and they have to honestly answer. Xiao Jie and Ao Quan both against A Wei, Xiao Jie’s question to Ao Quan was “Do you really think your more handsome than A Wei?” and Ao Quan’s question to A Wei was “Do you think you’re more funny than Xian ge?” Only A Wei didn’t get to ask his question the rest did.

Next part is imitation, Xiao Jie Wang Zi and Xiao Yu performed singing “Ben Xiao Hai” but they don’t sound really like the original singer. The other 3 members did a dance performance and again this is especially for Xian ge. Although it’s a bit similar to “Kang Xi Lai Le” one but this totally has a different taste in it.

They played a game afterward with the cards, at first Xian ge will pick a number from 1-6 and that person will pick 2 numbers to do what the card says. A Wei is the unlucky one who got chosen twice and so funny on the foot massage that he even bite the card apart as it was so painful. The little act at the end is so funny and cute!

Lastly they ended the show singing “Shuo Shuo”. It feels like their mic they are singing are volume up which is why I think it sounded really good.

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