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Butterfly, Butterfly, You Were Born So Beautiful 2009-07-19

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by XDXDXDID @ Youtube)

Lollipop is the first male guest on the show, Wang Zi and Xiao Jie were still sick so they had a mouth mask on. Firstly they talked about how they protect their skins and Hu Die jie jie kept on praising Wang Zi how handsome he is even with a mouth mask and Xiao Jie was like “LOL”.

The first game they played was a memory actions game, I must say Xiao Yu sounded so cute when he was doing it and was nice to take the punish for Hu Die jie jie, Wei Lian is so funny because his tempo is all wrong.

Xiao Yu and Wei Lian dancing PK was so funny, they both looked a bit weird especially Wei Lian. With Hu Die jie jie decided who dances the best will go first for the second game. At the end Xiao Yu won so his group goes first. They had to put in order which cosmetic product you would use first. Obviously the boys doesn’t know but Wei Lian seem like the one who knows a lot about skin protections.

The two teams then bust each other secrets out, like Ao Quan can sleep anymore and doesn’t remove his makeup before sleeping but skin is still in good condition. Afterward they had to guest what type of cosmetic they are showing. The guys were so curious about the pads, Ao Quan was smelling it and Xiao Yu was trying it on to see if it fit. Xiao Jie said a funny thing that happened during the concert, that the stylist sewed the mic bag onto his underpants and Ao Quan said he didn’t wear any shoes during his solo performance.

The next game to guess which bikini style does girls like the most. On the show they have 3 girls wearing 3 different style of bikini, Lollipop each expressed which one they like the most. When the group has to pick one Ao Quan said “ABC” and they all crack up laughing. The next question was asking which of these three girls had breast pads? Lollipop was so shy to look at them.