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November 19, 2010 1 comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

I have to say, this has been my favourite interview ever since they appeared as Lollipop F. They talked about their composing and like what they have been doing the previous few months. XiaoYu also described exactly how he got injured. AhWei also sang a line from the original version of ZuiJiaNanPeiJiao. XiaoYu also sang a line BuYaoJiuBuYao and FangKong (: They also talked about their plans for the future, and AoQuan said that he wants to release a sketchbook. (I really want to see it!) The host then asked mentioned XiaoGui and DaDong (from Fahrenheit) and I was wondering what would happen if all 3 of them went on a show together and just did some drawings – it’d be pretty cool.

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iwant-Radio interview 2009-08-03

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by zhuanghaoquan @ Youtube)

I have no idea what kind of show this is but Lollipop was there (except Wang Zi and we all know where he is now). Although the date was 8/03 but these videos were just uploaded recently.

Edit// First part they talked about the most awkward moment, A Wei said when he was hurrying to their concert rehearsal he was stopped by a police, not that he did anything wrong but I forgot what happened. A Wei had to stay still and wait, that was his most awkward moment as a lot of seniors (staffs) is waiting for him and all he could do is just wait. Xiao Yu’s most awkward moment was during the time when he was punish and was “iced” for 2 months. Since everyone has their own jobs, Xiao Yu just lie around at home everyday. Xiao Jie talked about his happiest time, that is they have a daughter! Which is Lolly, Xiao Jie really loves Lolly! Wei Lian also talked about his happiest moment, the time when they went to film “Summer Love” MV and A Wei said “Are you referring to the time where we showered together?” I can see the other members feels a bit awkward about it while Wei Lian just kept smiling. Ao Quan said his saddest moment was when MFBBT graduated, and they all cried.

Part 2 they discussed which artist they want to work with. A Wei spoke first saying he want to work with martial art stars like Jackie Chen but at the end he added in that he still want to work with Lollipop. Wei Lian said he wants to film martial art movie too and asked A Wei to film with him. Xiao Yu’s answer was unexpected, he said he want to work with DBSK and do something together because it’s going to get notice by a lot of people. Funny thing how the others said Xiao Yu became quite weird after being punished. Xiao Jie’s answer was Timberland and the others just attacked him saying “Why do you always pick something so different”. Wei Lian’s answer was Patty Hou because she’s pretty. Ao Quan’s answer was some kind of non-Taiwanese girl, Lena or Lina, I don’t know. He said people describe as goddess and really pretty like an angel so he want to see if she is really like what other says.

Part 3 they discussed what kind of dreams they want to have if they can control it. A Wei said he want to dream of himself having super powers that usually happens in movies such as Spiderman and batman. Xiao Yu is the opposite of A Wei who can fly around, anyway, again with super powers. Xiao Jie want to dream to be a rich guy which wakes up everyday with full of money on his bed side. Wei Lian is related to baseball, something hitting something distance I’m not even sure of it myself but he said he probably can do it in real life. Ao Quan wants to be A Wei’s brain cell or just want to understand A Wei’s brain functioning because sometimes A Wei will come up with some random words.

Part 4, the last part Lollipop promotes their album “I am Legend” opening their booklet inside and explaining each one of their photos. I like the way how A Wei explained it, it’s funny! Xiao Jie explained that they included a lot of their thoughts in this album and added in a lot of rock-style which made Xiao Yu happy. They continue to promote their album and style and etc.

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