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Beautiful Cooking II 2009-08-02 (Episode 16)

August 2, 2009 4 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (uploaded by Linky725 @ Youtube)
Full Episode (uploaded by Chilam Chan @ Megavideo)

Finally this episode is broadcast! I advice people to watch the Youtube links as quick as possible because from my pass experience I can tell you that the videos might be deleted soon by Youtube because of copyright issue.

Without introducing Lollipop the fans were screaming out so loudly!  I don’t know if it’s because there’s a lot of guests in this episode it seem like this episode is going more faster than usual. The first dish was told to make oyster with melted cheese on top and a fried bread with fillings inside, the bread part seem pretty okay for each of them but Niki and Kathy oyster were awful which made Lollipop all spat it back out.  Only Emme one was nice enough to swallow although it doesn’t good good. I wonder if because Lollipop has problems with communication so they try to use action to express what they want to say, I feel that in this part they probably did a bit too much reaction. Up to this point Xiao Yu already ran off and preparing to fly back to Taiwan by himself. The points given in this round was really random, Niki and Kathy cooking was really bad but they got a 8 or 9 out of 10. But I guess since Lollipop is from Taiwan they don’t want to be that harsh.

Next was the beautiful master chef segment, where non-artist girls participate in this competition cooking a dish that they good at and asking strangers on the street to give them a score out of 100. Usually in this segment the girls would feed the judges but as Ronald said “There’s no feeding for Lollipop because you might not be able to get out of here!”  Funny and cute how A Wei and Wang Zi started feeding each other, from the back it’s so funny to see Ronald’s reaction when he saw that. Usually I don’t like this segment but for Lollipop I watched it.

The last dish was cooking crab, in this part the girls can cook however they want as long as it tastes good. Finally there’s no vomiting in this round otherwise Lollipop might regret coming on this show. Ronald especially gave permission to Lollipop to help the girls out if they needed any help, no longer all the girls pressed the help button. Lollipop seem really hyper when they heard the bell ringing for help, it’s like they’re thinking “finally I’m up”. But Lollipop didn’t really help much, Kathy requested Ao Quan to sing a song for her and end up Lollipop all singing a line of Ronald’s songs. Lollipop all give higher score to the ones they helped, the show ended quite quickly and the winner in this episode was Emme.

I guess I was looking forward to this episode too much now that I have seen it, I just feels that it’s not enough. Lollipop didn’t have enough talking in this episode. I guess I prefer Lollipop on Taiwanese shows which they understand and can be talkative.

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Beautiful Cooking 2009-08-02 Preview

July 27, 2009 6 comments

uploaded by nekoluvlollipop @ Youtube

After waiting for such a LONG time, the episode of Lollipop on “Beautiful Cooking” has finally been confirmed airing on 8/02. I know a lot of people complained that why TVB waited so long to air this episode, now I think about it maybe they purposely waited until August because I heard during August Lollipop will be coming to Hong Kong again to promote their “I am Legend” album. So this episode is probably promoting their album and not their concert.

Anyways, this episode is a must watched!!! It seem like Lollipop is getting along with the female guests and the 3 hosts.

Lollipop as judges in “Beautiful Cooking”

May 26, 2009 11 comments

Photos credit

Lollipop recorded Hong Kong variety show “Beautiful Cooking” on the 5/25. The boys are looking great especially love Wang Zi and Ao Quan outfit ♥ This episode is probably the only episode which has this many guests. Love ♥ that drawing Ao Quan drawn of Lolly in the first photo. Are we getting some fanservice in the second photo? YES! A Wei’s bangs looks very funny here, it’s split in half.

Reading from fans review at Woo, Lollipop split into groups of 2 and helped the female guests to cook. I guess they can cook a bit since we seen them on other shows cooking, although we don’t know how good they are. Wang Zi made a song after tasting the food and when everyone think the food taste good only Xiao Yu want to vomit and run off but never came back. It was said that he did it purposely because he had to catch the plane. Why does Xiao Yu always the one going back first or missing?? That is why in the last photo Xiao Yu is missing.

I’m so looking forward to this episode so I hope they will broadcast it sooner!!!

Edit// More photos! Seem like Lollipop has been vomiting quite a lot in this episode.