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FUN Music 2010-02-11 + 2010-03-02

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

02/11 – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by sisiemoon703 @ Youtube)

I missed out on this one before so I’m posting it now. Lollipop promoting their “I am Legend” single and photo album, they gave example like buying the single is like buying shallot and giving a piece of stake. They talked about the single and photo album and says its a good purchase for those who couldn’t go to their Hong Kong concert.

In the second part they talked about their feelings for different concerts, like XiaoJuDan, Hong Kong and GuangZhou. Talked about which one they like the most.

Third part they talk about costumes which one they like the best. WangZi said he likes the first one, where it’s filled with mirror slices. They said it’s really heavy and expensive. WeiLian likes the “CangJingGe” costume the most. AWei likes the costume on the single CD, I guess it’s one of the colorful one. Then they talked about other’s concert, WeiLian talked about Aaron Kwok,  XiaoJie talked about Muse, AWei talked about Jolin Tsai, XiaoYu talked Linkin Park, WangZi talked about Andy Lau and AoQuan talked about Michael Jackson.

Last part, they talked about their senior AMei. Expressing AMei’s concert was awesome and she’s a talented singer. Then they started saying how Lollipop can change to some rockish band like DragonBang or something. They then talked about David Tao’s “AnLian” song. XiaoYu say when he was young he used to bully the girl he likes.

03/02 – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by liltammy0607 @ Youtube)

They are on again to promote their single + photo album and talk more topics related to concerts. They talked the difference in fans in different concerts. XiaoYu was like there’s a lot of fans who follow us but also leave us then WeiLian said people like us because we are real.

They start picking random topics from a bunch of roll up papers. First question was who is the most cleanest which was AWei, second question what do they do during rest time XiaoJie said they play games or go on internet. Third question was who NG the most in filming which brings them back to 3 years ago at HTMQD, XiaoYu admit it himself NG the most as he space out the most. Fourth question is who is the most easiest to cheat on, they all point to WeiLian. Fifth question, what they do if they are not celebrities, WeiLian wants to be a business man. Sixth question is who is the most sensitive, AoQuan pointed to XiaoJie while they all closed their eyes. Then they started talking about fashion saying XiaoJie likes really weird stuff.

Lastly each of them said a message to their fans.

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FUN MUSIC 2009-07-30

August 1, 2009 1 comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (uploaded by joyvelittle @ Youtube)

Lots of talks about their “I am Legend” album, from the clothing they wore to what kind of feeling they want to give to the fans and feelings about the concert from rehearsal to the actual performance of the concert. They talked a lot of the clothing and the photos in the little booklet in the album. I really like the photos in the booklet, especially the one where they wore the gold/black costume like they walking to get on stage.

Second half of the show they mostly talked about their concert at Hong Kong. They said Andy ge make them rehearsal again at 2am and watches them closely to see if anyone did any mistake by the time they got home it’s already 4am. So funny how they said during rehearsal time they kept talking to Da Mu when they already said they will not. They all expressed during the concert rehearsal period Xiao Jie kept saying “You decide” “I don’t mind” and they got fed up with him saying that all the time when they are deciding on things.

It was a relaxing and fun talk amongst them.

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