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Love Love Love 2009-07-24

July 25, 2009 2 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (uploaded by sugoishowV @ Youtube)

I never watched this show so I’m excited what’s going to happen. In this episode only Xiao Yu, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie were on the show. In the start of the show they expressed a bit of their feelings about their Hong Kong concert and they picked 5 lucky fans to have a love match with them.

First lucky fan Xiao Qi, I love her house! It’s really cool and her Ao Quan poster thing she designed was really cool. Xiao Qi prepared snakes for them which was really nice, guess Meimei really wants to eat them. Then they played a chemistry test game to see if Xiao Qi and Ao Quan has good chemistry. But it turned out Ao Quan and Xiao Yu has great chemistry, “What do you think of when you think about food?” Both of them had “Meimei” LOL! The Michael Ao Quan t-shirt she made was really nice.

The second lucky fan is a 17 years old girl name Yi Jie, her little sister is so cute! It was a bit awkward when she appeared in a dress like that, and so funny how Hei Ren asked “Do you usually wear like this to school?”

The next two lucky fans are from Hong Kong Yanki and Eva. Those two are truly crazy fans, they have so many Lollipop products hanging in their apartment. Since these two fans are from Hong Kong so Hei Ren especially gave them more contact with Lollipop.

The last lucky fan Sammi is a dance instructor, she’s really pretty and her student there is funny but she talk too much and even wanted to join the event when she didn’t even signup for it. Xiao Jie become so high and happy after Sammi said her favorite member was Xiao Jie.

After meeting the fans they had to choose 1 lucky fan out of the 5 to dinner with them at Da Mu’s restaurant. While waiting for the chosen lucky fan they revealed the other 4 fans that didn’t get pick from the start. Hei Ren is so evil teasing that fan from Hong Kong. The lucky who got chosen, you’ll see when you watch it! But that girl is just really lucky!

This show is actually quite nice at least it’s better than Welcome Alien, just that the background music is too loud and it’s hard to hear what they were saying. I hope the other 3 Lollipop member can go on this show as well.

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