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One Call One Hundred Replies 2010-05-23

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Secret Base (uploaded by arTInGLP @ Youtube)

Finally the long waited episode was broadcast yesterday, this is sure an exciting show. Although we know they succeeded but their process of promoting was the most important thing on the show.

This time Lollipop challenge location is ChangSha, the show made a rule that they cannot promote together so only one member to promote at one location. The show gave them 6 places to choose from and they had to choose 4 places and their goal is to get 5000 audiences at their concert within 100 minutes of promoting.

First off was AWei to promote, he was so full of confident and high. But things weren’t going his way at the start until two little kids came afterward more and more people came. I guess it was because they didn’t know anything and wasn’t prepare how they should promote. But at least AWei succeeded in promoting.

AoQuan was the second member to promote at a big university. He didn’t expect that the university to be that big that he couldn’t promote by announcement and he already spend a lot of his time traveling. A female fan came running to him and forced a kiss on him, well that fan sure is daring and lucky. Luckily Lollipop is popular in China lots of people have heard of Lollipop and when they recognize it was him a lot of students came.

WeiLian was third, while getting there you can see he has lots of pressure. WeiLian was so lost but he convinced the lady at the super market to make an announcement.

XiaoYu was the last one promoting at another university. I guess XiaoYu was very nervous at first he kept handing out the flyers but didn’t speak at all until reality knocked him telling that there wasn’t time left.

Afterward the show cut to the part where they are on the stage. It’s one of the rule that they are blind folded and they said some of their experience during promotion. The words they said was very touching, words they said to each other I makes me want to cry. The moment was so touching when they took off their blind fold and hearing the fans chanting “I love BangBangTang”.

I think during my holiday I gotta sub this episode.

Lollipop’s “Yu Shu Jia You” @ “One Call Hundred Replies”

April 27, 2010 2 comments

If you all remember (which you most probably will), Lollipop sang a new song “Yu Shu Jia You” in “One Call Hundred Replies”. Here is the link to the video! well, I think the lyrics aren’t that good but considering that they did the song in one day, I think it’s forgivable and it’s the thought that counts anyway. But the melody itself is not bad imo.

uploaded by sisiemoon703 @ Youtube

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