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Ultra Power Group 2009-06-06

June 7, 2009 7 comments

Part 1 Part 2 (uploaded by zhuanghaoquan @ Youtube)

Okay the article on the previous post said they didn’t perform I guess they were referring another event. Anyways, this is the performance on Ultra Power Group. The boys wore the same costume as they did on the “I am Legend” conference at Hong Kong. They sang a total of 4 songs, first part is “Yes” and “Cang Jing Ge” combined just like the [V] Power one. Part 2 they sang “Mi Mi Ji Di” and “Na Li Pa”. It’s been awhile that I haven’t seen them performing live, although it’s nothing new but they were awesome!

I love the part where each members were wipping each other sweats off, it’s so cute! The fans there was very passionate screaming, I just love watching live because of the screams. Did anyone see during “Cang Jing Ge” Xiao Jie’s part, Wang Zi was fixing his tie and I think it got stuck or something, he was so cute!!!

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Lollipop @ Malaysia “Ultra Power Group” 6/6

June 6, 2009 6 comments

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Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop arrived at Malaysia for the first time participating in “Ultra Power Group” as a guest. Once the 6 flower boys stepped on stage the fans started screaming passinately, the host ordered the most popular member Wang Zi to quiet the fans down. Immediately the fans quiet down after Wang Zi gently said “Can you please quiet down and listen to us?”

During July Lollipop will held their first Hong Kong concert, Xiao Jie was pushed to show off his Cantonese and the other members also showed off their Malaysian language that they just learned. Xiao Jie, Wei Lian and Wang Zi pronounciation was more accurately while the other three members was being laughed at. Amongst all Ao Quan has the most funny pronounciation, he said a sentence using Malaysian language but fans did not understand a word at all. Seeing the fans’ reaction Ao Quan just simply said “haha… you all didn’t understand what I said?” A Wei is not any better, the way he said “Pandai Yoh” sounded so much like Korean which brought a lot of laughter.

Lollipop who is currently preparing for their new album expressed that their new album will release at mid June. Also expressed that they have matured a lot, half of the songs were composed by themselves and each member have solo part. But during the event Lollipop did not have any performance just showed their handsome facial expression to the fans.

I thought they said Lollipop will have a special dance performance? Oh well, seem like they were just there. I wonder if they have any other events?

Anyways, some fancam photos from Woo [1] [2], they wore the same costume that they wore at Hong Kong. It’s my favorite costume as well ♥ Although there’s no performance but still want to see a video of it.

Edit// Okay they did perform and performed 3 songs so I have no idea why this article said there was no performance? Anyways, I’m not able to watch it right now but here’s part 1. Part 2 should be uploaded soon if not I’ll find another uploader. Just by reading the fans comments on Woo makes me really want to watch it!