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VJ Guest 2009-08-07

August 11, 2009 2 comments

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by ting613V @ Youtube)

Xiao Xiang is back to hosting in here! First question was is there any members who is alone together would be awkward, for example Andy ge and Xiao Yu. Ao Quan said actually there’s no pairing which makes an awkward moment because they usually talk rubbish at home. Xiao Jie said although he sleeps in the same room with Wang Zi but they don’t talk much since Wang Zi sleeps early (I thought Wang Zi sleep quite late compare to before?) Wei Lian also says that as well because they usually in the same room overseas, then they started about Wang Zi’s MSN list. Funny how they like to answer each other’s MSN messages for fun and usually start replying random things. Xiao Xiang then asked which 2 together will be crazy, Wei Lian immediately said Ao Quan and A Wei Lian especially when they are discussing about performances. Wei Lian is so cute always like to butt in and pretend to understand.

Part 2 which is also the last question, who usually gets left out? A Wei said each member will have a time being left out and afterward they talked how A Wei being left out because he is the only one who locks the door as he sleep naked. Everyone is so against A Wei locking the door and against him sleeping naked.

Last part is that they are giving away Lollipop’s playing card, the question to receiving this is “Who didn’t compose / write lyrics in this album”.

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VJ Guest 2009-08-06

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by ting613V @ Youtube)

First part they talked about “Who gets drunk the easiest?” and “Did they do hilarious thing while drunk?” The two members who gets the most vote was Wei Lian and Xiao Yu. Xiao Jie explained when Xiao Yu gets drunk he goes crazy and start dancing something that people won’t understand (expected from a rocker). When Wei Lian’s drunk he would start acting like a father, keep saying “I tell you this…” and start saying random things like “This stock will…” I thought they would all point at Wang Zi but they said Wang Zi is usually the awaken one and the one who watch them drink.

Second part they talked about things which make them angry, the others immediately said Xiao Jie has a lot. For example if one of them are eating something that Xiao Jie doesn’t like he would feel uncomfortable because of the smell. A Wei said he often nags the others and started talking about the air-conditioner situation where they always turn it on but was not necessary and forget to turn it off. This air-conditioner thing is against Ao Quan as he is the one who often turns the air-conditioner over night and turns it on in the living room when there’s only Lolly there watching TV.

Last part is always the “I am Legend” promotion! Wei Lian is always so high!

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VJ Guest 2009-08-05

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by ting613V @ Youtube)

Internet got capped so can’t watch these videos, will edit this entry later on.

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VJ Guest 2009-08-04

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by wootammy0607 @ Youtube)

In the first part Lollipop said a kuso legend they are, starting off with Xiao Yu, he said mahjong legend. Xiao Jie said he can sleep for a long time, if he got nothing to do he would sleep for 20 hours. Ao Quan is also about mahjong, he said always pretend he knows what he has by feeling it but actually he take a peek. For Wei Lian I think it was excitement, get excited easily? Wang Zi was from being afraid of dogs to not fearing it anymore. A Wei’s was he could be on a diet now.

Second part Lollipop talked about MFBBT graduation. A Wei and Wei Lian took the chance to promote their new show “WELCOME Alien”. A Wei imitated Kang Yong and it was pretty long and then talked about the kind of feelings hosting with Kang Yong. Although MFBBT has ended they mention that each of them will have other things to do like Wang Zi and Ao Quan will be filming.

Last part Lollipop promoted their upcoming event and promote their 2nd edition of the album.

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VJ Guest 2009-08-03

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (uploaded by joyvelittle @ Youtube)

I really hate it when there’s not subtitles, sometimes it’s hard to catch what they are saying especially when there’s a background music as well. Anyways, first part they asked what song like they from the album. Ao Quan said “Zhong Yi Ka” because he wrote it and it’ll make you feel better after listening to it. Xiao Jie’s favorite is his solo song, Xiao Yu’s favorite is “One Way” he also mention that it’s a cover of an English song that’s why it sounded so familiar to me. Wei Lian’s favorite is his solo song and immediately the sang 1 line and Xiao Xiang’s face is just hilarious. Wang Zi’s favorite is “Chao Nao De Chen Mo”, I thought he would say “Shuo Shuo”, he said this song has shows that they have matured from before. Wei Lian so evil, before A Wei speaks he said “A Wei don’t need to say because he didn’t write any songs”. Although A Wei didn’t write any songs but A Wei’s favorite song is “I am Legend”.

Part 2 Xiao Xiang asked whether they fought with each other during producing the album and preparing for the concert. All the Lollipop members said someone amongst them were acting differently during that time and all pointed to Xiao Jie. They mention that during those time Xiao Jie had this I-don’t-mind attitude which pissed them off. A Wei mention a situation, where Lollipop was rehearsing the dance for the concert because Xiao Jie already knows all the moves so he didn’t put any effort in but the others want him to put in some effort otherwise the others will start to get lazy. Xiao Xiang then asked if there’s a fight who solves it? They mention that it’s A Wei and Ao Quan, Ao Quan’s way to a fight was to leave them alone. Xiao Jie said during Xiao Ju Dan they fought more than Hong Kong Coliseum as they already have experience before. From the staffs Xiao Xiang knows that during the concert Wang Zi was the calmest and Ao Quan panic the most.

The last part is really short, they just promoted the upcoming events they have.

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