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0928 LPF – [V] News

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

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Lollipop F went on [V] News! I love watching them interact with RongJia because they’re just so close! It feels so much like MFBBT times. It’s so cute because they’re such good friends they started talking a lot even before they introduced themselves! They talked about their experience in Star King. Actually AhWei was supposed to be wearing a white shorts instead of the pink one that he wore! But after they told him that SNSD wore that before he immediately changed it lol. RongJia also asked if they would clash with JPM, and they said that it’ll be okay because JPM’s promotion period is about to end while they just started. They also danced to JPM’s Moonwalk and NaBuShiXueZhongHong! XiaoYu also said that he had dinner with XiaoJie because of his birthday and they talked about each other’s albums. They also had a sneak peak at all their wallets, and there was something which RongJia saw on XiaoYu’s phone – I wonder what it is. And they saw AhWei’s receipt that showed that he went for teeth whitening lol. Because RongJia knew them so well, she joined in their game to answer a few questions like “who likes to complain the most?”. They all said that XiaoYu was the one who complained the most, and they said that XiaoYu has been really nervous recently. AoQuan also said that he had a quarrel with XiaoYu a few days back, because XiaoYu kept saying that AoQuan had too many scenes in the original cut of the MV and he got quite irritated.

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